Best Anti-Virus software available

  chawallah 13:50 15 Dec 03

Just a quick thread to ask if any one can recommend the best anti-virus software available.

At present have a 90day free trial of the eTrust Anti-virus software but not to keen on paying the yearly subscribtion. Would rather just buy outright and then update patches from website as and when available.

Would appreciate advises.


  tenplus1 14:31 15 Dec 03

I use AVG Antivirus which is a really good Virus tool, plus you can get AVG6 FREE edition or actually buy AVG7 which gives you more control...

Each one can be auto-updated for FREE and all they ask is a simple registration process...

Get is here: click here

  The Spires 15:31 15 Dec 03

There have been several threads on here & we all have our opinions as to which is best, but there are two main points. Any AV is better than none at all, & an AV program that may be perceived as the best there is if it's not updated regularly is useless.

  Gaz 25 17:04 15 Dec 03

They all hae their ups and downs....

I would suggest if you are willing to pay you get a much better technical support and worldwide virus observation.

click here - Norton Antivirus 2004, which now has expanded threat detection to spyware, keyloggers, hacker tools and unwanted programs. While also protecting against viruses, trojans and malware. It offers great customisation and is easy to use, quick and reliable.

click here - Mc Afee also is a very good alternative to Norton.

click here - Panda Internet Security - provides all the Norton features + Antivirus Amouring, and suspect file detection, aswell as daily updates.

  Gaz 25 17:25 15 Dec 03
  Diodorus Siculus 17:52 15 Dec 03

I use Norton 2002 on winXP, AVG on Win98 and Avast on Win2k and my favourite is Avast - it seems the "lightest" of the three and never causes me any configuration problems.

  Gaz 25 18:44 15 Dec 03

I have done mega investigation, and Fsecure (click here) performed 99% in tests. While Mc Afee scored: 92%.

Both excellent.

  Dipso 20:46 15 Dec 03

I got the 90 day trial of eTrust with my Aldi PC. I don't know how well it matches up as I've never heard of eTrust before.

In the end I uninstalled eTrust and downloaded free AVG which I had on my old PC and I find very user friendly. Free updates etc.

I didn't see the point of using eTrust when I knew I wasn't prepared to pay after the trial period was up.

  Gaz 25 21:42 15 Dec 03

eTrust scored 71%....

And AVG: 48%

  Al94 23:33 15 Dec 03

Used it for at least 2 years, keep it up to date religiously and have been virus free to date.

  anchor 13:17 16 Dec 03

Many PC magazine reviews recommend either Norton or McAfee.

Personally I use Norton, updating daily from their site.

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