bargain of the week

  woody147 00:46 18 Feb 04

click here

don't all rush at once now :-)

  TheTerminator 01:00 18 Feb 04

It's a bargain. I'll take 6!
It seems a touch expensive for a 256Mb Compact Flash Card at £186.82 inc VAT (£159.00 ex VAT)

I remember in the good old days - 1994 (?) when 4 megs of ram cost 80 quid, just so i could play little big adventure. Oh those were the days!

  Flaco 01:33 18 Feb 04

shurely shome mishtake... hic

  tafoody 02:08 18 Feb 04

i can beat that click here 32MB Compact Flash Card £170.37 inc VAT (£145.00 ex VAT)

  Stuartli 08:57 18 Feb 04

Your memory is playing tricks...:-)

I've got a September 1995 Action catalogue which lists 4MB 70ns 9-bit/30-pin SIMM upgrades at £125.00 plus VAT; 32 and 36-bit/72-pin SIMMs in 4MB form with parity at £135 plus VAT and £113 without parity (8MB of the latter were £299 plus VAT) and 4MB 32-bit Multi-Module Hypertec at £152 plus VAT.

Don't forget too that that the then older 386 and 486 systems required memory to be added in matched sets of four; singly with the later type of memory in 486 based systems but matched pairs with Pentium models.....

Just to make you realise just how low prices are today for incredibly superior components, here are a few other examples:

A 420MB external HDD was £349 plus VAT, an 850MB £449 plus VAT and a 1200MB version £579 plus VAT; a 540MB Maxtor internal HDD was £154 plus VAT.

A Digital Venturis Pentium desktop PC with Pentiums ranging from 75-90MHz, HDDS from 420-840MB and 8MB of RAM cost between £1,090 to £1,379 plus VAT - a monitor was extra, with a Sony 15in at £324 plus VAT and the 17in either £599 or £849 plus VAT depending on specification.

Don't even ask about CD-ROM drives or rewriters, CD-R or CD-RW media and similar items! You could buy a full system for the price of some of these items today.

  TheTerminator 09:21 18 Feb 04

You're quite right... I couldn't remember the exact amount, just that it was very expensive. I remember getting installing it with a friend, and the sense of "awe and wonder"watching the bios crank up and watching the memory count go not from 4196k but 8000k. Quite a magical feeling! It's phenominal how things have changed, and I for one am much happier living in todays age rather than last year (or five).

  anchor 09:44 18 Feb 04

From 7dayshop only £36.19.

click here

  MandT 09:45 18 Feb 04

In 1985, i payed just under £50 for a 32k memory chip to double the memory on my BBC micro and then i had to pay another £40 to buy the sideways rom/ram board to mount it on. Thankfully memory has come down in price, otherwise you would need a 2nd mortgage to buy one of todays comps.

  TBH1 10:36 18 Feb 04

Kids today - -don't know they're born. I was bought up in a card-board box - - - --

  Chris the Ancient 11:10 18 Feb 04

You were lucky...

  TBH1 11:17 18 Feb 04

Chris the Ancient - an appropriate name, mate :)
If only I could remember the rest

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