Barclays Bank Scam

  def90csw 10:11 04 Oct 06

Email doing the rounds from Barclays Bank asking you via an email to update you details. It's a scam! How do i know, i have never had an account with them!!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:29 04 Oct 06

This type of scam has been going on fr years with different banks.


  €dstowe 11:21 04 Oct 06

I read that Barclays were being attacked about three weeks ago so I decided to save up all the Barclays emails caught in my spam trap.

So far there are 157 with about 5 or 6 different titles but most, I think, with the same message asking me to update my details.

I don't have an account with Barclays or even have a Barclaycard but, even so, don't these spammers think that you might get a teeny bit suspicious receiving all of this correspondence?

  spuds 12:26 04 Oct 06

Been bombarded now for the past 2/3 weeks, with a daily 5-6 dosage of emails.

All the one's that I seem to receive, have a little poetic story included at the bottom of the print-outs. Now if that doesn't make the obvious, obvious :O)

  Stuartli 13:06 04 Oct 06

There are variations on the Barclays scam e-mails, but the end result is intended to be the same if you fall for them...:-)

  Stuartli 13:42 04 Oct 06

Ironically, the latest one which has just arrived, declares on the Subject line:


  dth 16:16 04 Oct 06

I wonder why Barclays is so popular

  Stuartli 16:37 04 Oct 06

It's not just Barclays - even some of the more obscure UK and US banks are featured...:-)

  Forum Editor 23:33 04 Oct 06

with these phishing emails for a long time - it's nothing new, and I would be very surprised if there was anyone with an email inbox who wasn't aware of the problem.

My own bank posts regular warnings on the online banking site, and they mention it on my statements as well. The banks aren't to blame in any way, there's nothing they can do about it.

  Les 23:26 05 Oct 06

The spammers are optimists - they just can't be so thick as not to realise that most people are getting two or three of these emails a day - so they must be hoping that some newbie to the 'net is gullible enough to answer their pleas. Thankfully, most people would realise that you wouldn't get more than one message from the Bank - I think that the banks don't send such emails anyway - as FE says, they do warn of this phishing, it's in their interests to do so.

  dth 15:01 06 Oct 06

Just curious why Barclays is so popular. Like most people I get a range of these emails for a number of different banks. But surprisngly I've never had one for my own bank.

For Barclays I must have had about 50 emails over the last 3 weeks to my various different email addresses.

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