Banners Genuine or not. Update.

  Sapins 09:25 01 Apr 13

I am pleased to say that, after six months, I have now gone through all the stages of Banners Broker and everything has worked just as it said it would.

I have withdrawn and spent 30% of my initial starting amount and I have a further 150% of that amount available to withdraw immediately if I wish to do that.

I can find no evidence whatsoever of any “scam”, it is certainly not a Pyramid Scheme or a Ponzie as there are no elements from those found in Banners Broker. For example; You do not have to recruit anyone and in fact I have not done so.

Banners Broker has now been going for two and a half years and has over 400,000 affiliates world wide. You can also e-mail, telephone or write to contact support and they publish the addresses of all their offices. They have, and will continue to, organise seminars in various countries at which you can speak to all the people who run it.

I am happy to continue and I am confident my account will grow quite rapidly now I have tested it thoroughly.

  Mr Mistoffelees 09:56 01 Apr 13

I hope this thread is related to today's date....

  Forum Editor 12:41 01 Apr 13

"I have a further 150% of that amount available to withdraw immediately if I wish to do that."

Then why not try doing it? Your money is in someone else's hands. It would be far safer in the bank.

Do you know on which sites your banners are running? Try asking the company for that information - you won't get it.

As long as people like you continue to fund the business it will obviously continue, but if large numbers of people try to withdraw 'their' funds there will be problems.

  tullie 14:34 01 Apr 13

As FE has mentioned,can you let us know the sites that your banners are running?

  finerty 21:04 01 Apr 13

Excuse me theer are other threads on this subject, i though we just stick to one rather than start another advertising thread to let people know you are advertising your facts.

  Sapins 08:36 02 Apr 13

finerty, read the title.

I said I would post an update and I have. I know what I know and I am continuing with the company. It won't make any difference to the doubters what I say, therefore, I will finish with this thread. Thank you all for your comments.


  bjh. 10:15 02 Apr 13

Whether you have taken money out or not is actually irrelevant. The source of the money is relevant. It comes from other members paying in, not from advertisements as was claimed. There are no money-generating advertisements. NONE! Once more ... none of this money comes from advertising in any way or form... it is circularly passed from member to member.

Banners Broker was founded as "the World's first straightline double cycler"... founded openly as a Ponzi. The founders have been involved in numerous previous scams. Some of them have left, started other scams, and these have since folded. Of course some people make money from these; that's the point. More, many more, lose everything. They are also illegal, and the money you have withdrawn may well be clawed back by the law at a later date. It counts as stolen assets.

I could go into town to "get some money"... The legal way would be to visit a cashpoint; the illegal way would be to mug some innocent granny coming out of the post office. You've done the latter.

Several months ago there was some circumstantial evidence this was a scam. There is now so much clear evidence demonstrating that this is a scam that anyone claiming otherwise is either in on the concept, and busily conning the gullible out of their money, or foolish, to say the least. Newspapers, TV, the web, all have clearly stated this is a scam. The company has done nothing to prove otherwise. No accounts, no proof, nothing. They even get caught using stock online photos and claim these are photos of the main players. (And... they are too cheap to actually pay for these photos; they just crop the watermark off the photo, stick it up and claim this is Mr X, the main IT guru, or Mr Y, the PR guy. They are so blatant, the head honcho's photo has even morphed from being black, to being white, to being black again...)

It's also worth noting that (and this is second-hand info; I haven't checked myself) Twitter feeds on Banners Broker are inundated with reports of non-payment for the last few months. There are very, very few claiming payment in the last few weeks. Some... but that's how these scams work; pay just enough to keep the gullible hopeful they will receive a payout.

Banners Broker also have the full name, address, bank details, full photo identity, notarised copies of state id, driving licence or passport of all members, as well as several back-up passwords/id combinations for their flock of sheep... i.e. name of favorite pet, maiden name of mother, place of birth, first school.... They have amassed far, far more information of this kind than any legal body would ever, ever ask for. Once this so-called company has receded into the shadows (as it will do fairly soon) I suspect members will begin to regret supplying this information so freely.

Banners Broker have also moved to requiring members to write blogs and posts favourable to the company in order to continue to get profit. Yep, you have to write nice things to get your own money back now....

So, to those of you who aren't following this matter elsewhere, you'll start to see numerous posts extolling Banners Broker appearing. They are being placed by members who have to write such posts in order to claim their "profits". Banners Broker introduced this novel procedure a couple of weeks ago. Brilliant advertising (=new recruits), and prevents current members withdrawing funds very fast. That might just explain something...

These schemes are as damaging in their way as counterfeit online drug sales (my current field is monitoring & surveillance of counterfeit drugs, hence my peripheral interest in Ponzi schemes such as this: the same webservers pop up all so often!).

  Forum Editor 19:37 02 Apr 13

I know what I know and I am continuing with the company

That is of course a matter for you to decide. All I can do is urge you to consider your course of action very carefully. I would hate to see you lose any money over this.

When you have a few spare minutes take a look at this

  nickf 23:36 02 Apr 13

Am I just being a little silly ? IF BB was such a brilliant idea , surely ALL online advertisers would be using the same business model , and we would all be squillionares ! I think its a case of pigs all fuelled up , and ready for take off .

  bjh. 12:16 03 Apr 13


No, you are not being in the slightest silly. Other members of the forum ... well, forum rules (I should brush up!) probably state one must be polite about forum members at all times, so I shall not continue...

Carl Sagan is often quoted in cases like this: "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence". Banners Broker would be pretty near unique in the business world if it was able to offer returns like this; in offering them to inexperienced punters it would be absolutely unique. Their claims to double your money every few months would be quite extraordinary. Yet, they have offered absolutely no evidence they are a real company.

They have no independent audit, no public records, no list of senior members of staff, no biographies of the above. The "offices" that finerty mentions above do not pan out to the most basic check; many simply don't exist, some are accommodation addresses, some are empty warehouses taken on monthly contract. Their website looks like something from the 1990's, and seldom works. It's been up and down like the proverbial... It's spent the last few weeks being shifted from one host to another (meantime being unavailable to all members. The so-called panes are a pretend device, more like (name escapes; japanese craze...). There are no registered offices in the UK, Canada, USA, registered as trading in financial products. That alone makes the whole operation illegal in those countries. Their Isle of Man office is a front, and their Belize "HQ" is ... untraceable. Their actual base, from internet location, is Canada, but the site is maintained from Eastern European countries. The Indian office has been closed down by anti-fraud operatives. They do operate in the USA, but do so with no US base, so as to avoid US intervention (which would be by the US Secret Service, by the way, and they do NOT play lightly these days with criminal money-laundering; they are fun to deal with, in the way the Kray twins were "fun"). Their payout by Mastercard was suspended as soon as Mastercard found out what Banners Broker was... this being the same card a certain forum member earlier touted as "proof" the company was legitimate. Their VAT number was revealed as a fake, and their advice that you didn't have to pay tax on earnings was wrong and fraudulent. (By the way, you have to pay tax on the entire supposed income you hold on line, even if you haven't {or never} cash it out!)

They charge £5 for phone support, per call, and you are only allowed to ask one question per conversation. They prey on the dispossessed and confused. They are, needless to say, running a major recruiting campaign at the moment in Cyprus. That will, no doubt, recruit a few more frightened, desperate and panic-struck investors, such that finerty may just get another payout to crow about.

It's worth noting that the OP is delighted that he has given someone (say) a "loan" of £100, and they have paid him £30 back. That does not sound like a profitable trade to me. Especially since he's unlikely to see the rest, and if he does, it will come from someone lower down the line who can ill-afford the theft of their money.

These schemes are theft. They are illegal. They result in people losing money, often literally every penny they have, and often those least-able to afford such losses. They even cause suicides in extreme cases. Any proceeds you do get are obtained by criminal means, and can be clawed back at any time (there is no statute of limitation on this).

{It's worth posting at some length on this issue; because PCAdvisor is such a popular website, search engines boost results for "Banners Broker Scam" straight to the first page... threads like the one started by finerty do a valuable job of being amongst the first to be found by new recruits doing even the most basic research... }

  bjh. 12:18 03 Apr 13

Pachinko.... the japanese game is Pachinco, and it is about as profit-worthy for the participent!


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