Bank spam mails

  beeuuem 29 Nov 11

I received this today. Although one of many, and they are always deleted courtesy of Mailwasher, I did rather like the "deliberate" mistake.

Hello dear member,

Your account is suspended due to the number of incorrect login attempts.

For your protection, we've suspended your account . To reactivate your account please download the document attached to this email to review your account activity. If not completed until November 31, we will be forced to close your account .

  wiz-king 29 Nov 11

Engrish as she is spoken.

  beeuuem 29 Nov 11

The bit I particularity liked was 'If not completed until November 31, we will be forced to close your account '!!

  proudfoot 30 Nov 11

I am constantly getting these from banks some of which I have never heard of let alone my own bank and others I do know of. Also they are to an email address my bank or any other bank has knowlege of. All of my banking transactions where an email is required are to a dedicated address that is not used for anything else. Regarding spam emails offering me millions of £/$ these are quite amusing particularly spelling and grammar.


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