bank account software

  Newuser2 10:32 18 Jun 11

Can anyone recommend good bank account software. I have money 99 but it has issues with W7

  iscanut 10:41 18 Jun 11

I still use Money 2005 with Windows 7 without any problems. What issues do you have ?

  Newuser2 10:44 18 Jun 11

It keeps asking for the disc to be inserted into the cd drive even though it already loaded the programme.

  iscanut 10:48 18 Jun 11

Is it Microsoft Money as I thought that 2005/2006 was the last version issued for UK market ?

  Newuser2 10:51 18 Jun 11

No its Microsoft money 99 its preety old so thats problem i guess

  Flak999 11:16 18 Jun 11

I have Money 2000 and have installed it on Win 7 64bit without problems. I did not let the installation autorun, I right clicked the exe file and used WinXP sp 2 compatability mode to install.

It's working just fine for me.

  Newuser2 12:27 18 Jun 11

I'll give it another go. Trouble is the key board software has screwed up and the keyboard and mouse are dead. So I can't enter my password

  Housten 12:35 18 Jun 11

I know I am, obviously, biased but I have never had problems with Quicken APART from the non-updating of share prices since 3 December 2008. The multiple bank accounts side has worked perfectly. I was told there were the occasional problems with MS Money but it worked quite well most of the time, so I would follow the advice above if I were you.

  Pine Man 16:51 18 Jun 11

If you want to stay with MS Money with the very latest release you can download the US 'Sunset Version' free of charge and then set the currency to GB Pound or what ever you want.

MS Money Sunset Version

  Newuser2 17:42 18 Jun 11

Thanks Pine Man, just what I needed.

  Pine Man 19:37 18 Jun 11

You're welcome:-)

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