Ballcock Pivot Pin

  tonyq 12:56 12 May 07

I am in need of a replacement pivot pin (plastic)for the ballcock arm in the toilet cistern (Twyford Advent). After making enquires I am unable to buy the pin on its own,and have been told that I will have to buy the all arm and fittings,prices range £4-£6,my guess that the price of the pin on its own would be pennies.Is this a rip off or what?.

  isca2 13:13 12 May 07

PC related ? !!!!!!

  STREETWORK 14:48 12 May 07


Possibly using laptop wirelessly whilst ...

You could fashion one yourself from any suitable object around the house...

Do not forget to install the drivers first before connecting and flushing...

  feb 15:15 12 May 07

Is this it? If not give them a call!

click here

  tonyq 15:49 12 May 07

here is a link to a picture of the pin in question.
click here
In days gone by they used to use metal split pins for this.If I were to use a split pin now it would probably ware the plastic hole away.

  Spark6 15:51 12 May 07

Replace the complete unit and have peace of mind.
You'll also have the old one for spare parts!

  Forum Editor 16:10 12 May 07

of a new unit on phone calls already. Why not just pay the £6 and save wasting any more time?

  tonyq 16:32 12 May 07

I hoped someone may know were I could buy the pin on its own.If I buy the whole lot and keep the old one for spares odds are it will be the pin that I need the next time as they are not substantially made.

  feb 17:46 12 May 07

Plastic and nylon are usually harder wearing than some metals, use a split pin until the unit is completely worn and then replace the lot! At least you'll get some more wear out of it!!

  freaky 18:23 12 May 07

A metal split pin will work better than the plastic pin in your photo, and will certainly outlive your cistern !

  namtas 18:48 12 May 07

The scenario, Took advice, fitted a metal (well steel) split pin, works a treat and saved a fortune, (well £5.99)

18 months later, just back from 3 weeks hols in the Carribean, open front door to find hall flooded, water running dowen the stairs, what a mess.

When the metal split pin rusted through, the ball ball stop valve dropped out, now where did I put the house insurance documents

And the moral, I think the FE had it correct

You've [probably spent half the cost of a new unit on phone calls already. Why not just pay the £6 and save wasting any more time?

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