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  Mark McC 02:06 18 Feb 07

Hello, i was talking to my m8 danny when he said " AVG is #~*/ "and that my computer is crap because norton was making my laptop slow and its a P4HTT 3.40GHZ, 1GB ram.

what do you think, i think AVG Free is the BEST :D


  heepster 09:08 18 Feb 07

Me too, no contest.Wouldn`t touch Norton with a bargepole!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:26 18 Feb 07

To save another 'mine is better than yours' thread have a look here......click here


  freaky 12:33 18 Feb 07

I have two PC's both of which had Norton Internet Security.

PC(A) has an AMD Athlon 1.40GHz and 1.00GB Ram

PC(B) has an AMD Athlon 64 3500+ with 1.5GB Ram.

I replaced NIS on both these PC's with AVG Free and the Kerio Firewall.

I immediately noticed that PC(A) ran much quicker as a result. But PC(B) seemed about the same.

It would appear that NIS only slows a PC that has a relatively slow CPU.

I certainly would NOT class AVG as " AVG is #~*/ "

  Jimmy14 12:44 18 Feb 07

That the person who opened this thread (MarkMcC) switched from NIS 2006 to AVG Free Edition 7.5. He then went on and done a tend micro housecall online virus scan and got around 7 trojans and hundreds of security vulnerabilities. I have done the same online test and found no trojans or security problems with NIS 2007. This is hands on tests proving that AVG didn't even notify him there were so much viruses on his hdd. I have read another thread of someone who had a trojan with AVG Free and it didn't pick it up.
Long live Norton.

  bremner 13:09 18 Feb 07

This is one of the most contentious issues debated here with very intrenched positions on both sides.

There are those who will swear by AVG and those who say it can't be as good as purchased AV's.

It is often stated that free AV, Anti Spyware and Firewall and a computer used by someone using sensible precautions is all that is needed. Yes that is probably true if you have a user/users who can be totally trusted to act sensibly.

However if you have a machine used by those who know little about computers, students, teenagers etc then having the security of an all in one package that updates itself, can be compelling.

I have two machines running Avast, one running AVG, one running Norton and each has Windows Defender and are all behind a well configured hardware firewall.

  grumpygramp 13:27 18 Feb 07

I have always maintained that any Firewall or Anti-Virus program ,is only as good as the person setting it up .You can have the finest program there is ; but if you don`t set it up properly you will have problems .

Bearing this in mind some programs are easier to set up than others .

  Totally-braindead 22:09 18 Feb 07

And I had a trojan with Norton when I was using it and Norton couldn't remove it and AVG did so there is another side to the story.
Long live the free AVG.

  Ho-Lin-Sok 11:52 19 Feb 07

I used to run Norton NIS2004 but when it expired changed to AVG. Both of these products run without problems and I have not noticed any performance boost since deleting Norton. I do miss the advert removal features of Norton though.

  Covergirl 14:24 19 Feb 07

Computer Shopper April 07 issue reviews 12 AV products including AVG Free 7.5. Check out the stats on p131 and notice that AVG detects 48.6% of web viruses and 66.9% of e-mail viruses. The reviewers have missed the fact that this is the highest web detection rate and give Steganos the best buy prize for it's 90.4% detection of e-mail viruses. Luckily I'm spam free (courtesy of SP2's built in graphics block) so AVG is the one for me. I've used it for years, had 2 or 3 viruses caught but unfortunately it missed a dialler which installed itself, logged me off and tried to connect me to a premium rate. A system restore sorted that one out !

  tullie 14:43 19 Feb 07

And of course the dialler only works on dial up not broadband

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