Avast 6.

  rdave13 00:00 26 Feb 11

So far the free version is impressive. Haven't tried the Winrep but the Auto SandBox on 'ask' settings is working well.
Any one else thinks this version an improvement?
So far no problems.

  spuds 10:27 26 Feb 11

I keep picking up a Trojan warning on one particular website, using Firebox. Yet using IE, no warnings?.

Haven't tried the other browsers yet.

  rdave13 12:27 26 Feb 11

Possibly different browser blockers settings? IE might be blocking it so Avast not picking it up.

Had an update for thinkbroadband bandwidth meter and Avast wanted to run it in the SandBox first. I suppose it's because it's a monitoring program.

  spuds 13:11 26 Feb 11

Its funny that you should mention that particular broadband checker, my problem seems to occur with another broadband speed checker website. Everything else seems okay.

The browser is not blocking, its Avast that is and referring to a Trojan.

Perhaps there is a possibility of 'monitoring' upsetting things?.

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