Auriol Weather Centre IAN 37966

  flycatcher1 14 Mar 12

Is there anyone out there who owns an Auriol Weather Centre? I have a problem with re-set and the instructions are, well don't ask.

  Aitchbee 14 Mar 12

flycatcher1 - I have got an AURIOL mini radio-controlled weather station (IAN 48999) purhased from LIDL, a few months ago - I will check out the reset instructions - might be similar/appropriate to your gadget.

Unfortunately have to pop out at moment.

  Aitchbee 15 Mar 12

Can't find it, flycatcher1...but still looking.

  flycatcher1 15 Mar 12

Thanks for the effort AitchBEE. I can set mine up satisfactorily but then it always reverts to Berlin geographical. Nothing against the Germans but I would prefer to be my nearest to be London.

  Terry Brown 16 Mar 12

As you purchased it from LIDL a few months ago, try asking them for help via the contact help page


  wiz-king 16 Mar 12

It may use DCF77 the time service from Berlin that is on 77.5KHz not MSF from Anthlorn that is on 60KHz. It need to be retuned but there is nothing in the manual to tell you how to do it - I've looked!

  wiz-king 16 Mar 12

I have the Ventus W155 but I think is the same machine.

It does - in the manuals German section, page 22, it says it gets it time from DCF-77

If am correct about your machine being the same as mine you could ask [email protected]

  flycatcher1 16 Mar 12

Thanks for all comments and help. I will give Lidl a go but I bought my unit nearly two years ago. They are on offer again on Monday and I am thinking of buying one as a present for a friend's birthday. I will have crafty look at the Manual before I wrap it up.

For £19.99 is is cracking value and the only real problem is the fact that it is necessary to select a nearby city and not your actual Lat & Long. A nitpick really.

  flycatcher1 17 Mar 12

Lazarus The 2nd Thank You! If ever I meet you the beer is on me.

It never ceases to amaze me how many people on PCA Forums are so helpful and know so much.

Thanks again. The Birthday Present may have to wait.

  flycatcher1 17 Mar 12

Lazarus The 2nd. Manual Downloaded and safely filed. Problem fixed, easy when you know how. Thanks again.


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