audio conversion wav to mp3

  Adz1310 15:11 05 Jan 06

Hey guys,
just wondering if anyone knew of a good program that will convert quite alot (bout 600!) of wav files to mp3. I have previously used cd-da, and though it is very good it seems to crash when doing huge amounts of files. If anyone has anyadvice thanks.
p.s. would prefere a free piece of software if possible thanks

  Icky 15:28 05 Jan 06

I use Switch from click here
It works really well and there is a free version.

  realist 15:40 05 Jan 06

Exact Audio Copy full version is free and recommended
click here

  Adz1310 16:30 05 Jan 06

whoops i was meant to say wma format!!!sorry guys. I have started to use the switch program but seems to be taking forever is there any other program out there that is free that is quick in converting these formats?? any suggestions?thanks

  leighparry 17:35 05 Jan 06

Hi, I've been using dbPowerAmp for ages,
allows multi format conversions, not just mp3 and wma

check it out click here

  Ski-lo 21:30 05 Jan 06

I use iTunes, downloadable for free as well.

I have found it pretty quick too, that is if you call converting 600 odd files in a couple of hours quick!?

It will duplicate the files so you can either keep the originals or delete them, it's up to you.

(I also use iTunes to manage my music collection, a great piece of software in my opinion)

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