ATI delivers heavy blows to nVidia

  TOPCAT® 17:23 05 Feb 03

Fastest ATI chip ready to roll.

Get the 'graphic' details from click here


  D-P-R 01:34 06 Feb 03

Any prices been let out for atis new card? Was going to order a 9700 pro soon but may wait till march if the prices for their new card are about the same price as the 9700 pro is currently selling for

  Spook Tooth 01:52 06 Feb 03

Good. Nvidia have it coming to them... for a short while at least.

Had known a release of updated Radeon 9700 cards with higher clockspeeds was imminent. Ahead of the Inquirer for a change... interesting to see most profit is made in the lower price bracket though.

I also felt the Geforce FX is a bit of a disappointment, a bit gimmicky, they are comparing it to an older card (voodoo something or other I think) that flopped through too radical and unpopular a design change.

The new Nvidia card's biggest failing to me, is not its lower than expected performance, but it's power requirements, noise level, as well as issue heat and that spare PCI slot. They seem to have gone a little mad, Nvidia and no fairies are going to put those problems just identified right.

Good luck ATi. Wish they'd get into a mor effective price war though (grin). Could do with shaving a few hundred pounds of the price!

  bigdamouk 04:14 06 Feb 03

But theres talk of Nvidia binning geforce FX here

  powerless 05:34 06 Feb 03


Hate to think whats around the corner in the graphics market...

Competition you got to love it ;-)

  Spook Tooth 19:00 06 Feb 03

Lol. That opening quotation I've seen elsewhere also - it's a classic line. Well spotted, Big Damo.

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