Feen 18:43 04 May 08


Ive been looking for a new soundcard (using onboard right now). My budget is around the £50 mark and from what i gather, Creative's X-Fi Xtreme Music looks like an ideal choice, however ive been hearing good things about the Asus Xonar DX 7.1. Just wondering if anyone has used one or know much about it.

My pc is mainly used for gaming, browsing and music if that helps.

A quick Google search reveals loads of comparisons for you to read through click here

The general opinion is that the Xonar is better for audiophiles wanting purity from their music while the X-Fi is much better for games.

I have an X-Fi myself and highly recommend it - it is great for both music and games. I have never used a Xonar card so can't comment directly on that.

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