Asus A7N8X or Gigabyte GA-7VAXP

  s99Raj 14:12 06 Oct 03

I'm stuck between these two motherboards : Asus A7N8X or Gigabyte GA-7VAXP Which should I buy (impossible question?)?.

Does anyone have experience on either? I want to watch videos and do some Photoshop work and also want a snazzy looking m/b inside a case with a side window.

  Rikardos 15:13 06 Oct 03

I've got the Asus myself and a fairly high spec setup and haven't had any problems with it so far (about 6 months and counting!). I tend to use photoshop and Dreamweaver a lot as well as games such as Vice City and get good results out of it.

Specs for ref:
2800+ Athlon
1GB DDR3200 Memory
120GB Hard Drive
Sapphire 9700pro Card
Terratec 24/96DMX Sound Card

If you're looking for a glam motherboard (not necessarily a contradiction in terms!) then I have to warn you that the Asus is quite plain in looks but it's good for overclocking, with a comprehensive BIOS setup and easy options for Custom, Optimum or Agressive settings if you want a one-touch approach to OC'ing

All the best with your choice!

  goonerbill 15:59 06 Oct 03

both boards are good. the ga-7vaxp has been upgraded to ga-7vaxp-a and the a7n8x also has been upgraded to review (version)2.

i have ga-7vax and have been thinking of getting the a7n8x, as most comp. mags have it as there amd choice mobo.

so out of the 2, asus just edge's it.

  simonp1 16:02 06 Oct 03

I have just got the Asus, it is great for Over clocking but it is a great board as it is, i dont think you will have to replace this board for a long time.

The only thing you must be aware of, is this is a very big board, just make sure it will fit your pc, mine just did....

  Gaz 25 20:40 06 Oct 03

I have used both boards very much, as they are a great choice for quality and features while offering a lowish price.

However, I use the gigabyte 7vaxp-a every day, and it works without a glitch.

And I can say that I have never many ,if any of these boards returned.

They are both excellent. But Gigabyte has statisfied me very much. It is a great board to work with too, and very easy.

  Gaz 25 20:41 06 Oct 03


The gigabytes come with overclocking tools too, without tinkering in the bios.

  goonerbill 15:34 07 Oct 03

another thing in gigabytes favour, is the dual bios. so if ya update ya bios and make a mess of it, ya can backup from the secondary bios. dont think asus has anything like this.

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