ashampoo ?

  aine 19:04 14 Feb 07

By email I was offered ashampoo winoptimizer 3 for £4.99plus a cd of the same for £5.99, on submitting the required correspondence.I received an email from Coverbridge/ashampoo saying the offer was not good enough, the email said purchase, not offer bid. I have sent 4 emails to them concerning the mis-selling of these goods, as of yet no reply has been forthcoming. Is this company misrepresenting its goods?

  bluto1 19:12 14 Feb 07

I`ve used Ashampoo products,purchased directly on line, and have found the company to be honest and straightforward in their dealings. You said you were offered these goods by email. I suspect that the people making the offer were not Ashampoo. Who is Coverbridge?

  GaT7 19:25 14 Feb 07

It looks like you've been swindled as bluto1 suspects. NEVER reply to/follow links in emails with offers of discounted software, unless they're from the company who actually makes the sofware.

I've also used Ashampoo products in the past with no problems. 3 of the programs are going free at the moment:

* Ashampoo Burning Studio 2007 click here
* Ashampoo Photo Commander 3.5 click here
* Ashampoo WinOptimizer Platinum 2 click here


  aine 19:37 14 Feb 07

coverbridge should read cleverbridge the link crossbow gave is the same as the email, now the offer is £3.99 aim I still being swindled?

  bluto1 19:49 14 Feb 07

I`ve not come across `cleverbridge` before.
I suggest you get in touch with Ashampoo on this link [email protected] and tell them of your concerns. It`ll take them a day or two to answer.
Do you buy or subscribe to PC Advisor magazine?
The December CD/DVD has Ashampoo Winoptimiser 2007 on with 6 months free updates. I`d hazard a guess that you wouldn`t get all 6 months now, but at least you could try it.
Give me a shout if you haven`t got it or cannot get it. You can have my copy.

  GaT7 20:08 14 Feb 07

Yeah, sorry at first it did look like a swindle, but I think it's fine - see screenshot click here (the circled bits)

What I do not understand is your statement: "on submitting the required correspondence.I received an email from Coverbridge/ashampoo saying the offer was not good enough, the email said purchase, not offer bid." - I think you have to actually pay for the purchase on the next screen (of the above webpage). Have you paid for it but not received anything? G

  bluto1 20:17 14 Feb 07

I think you`re right

  aine 20:28 14 Feb 07

thanks for your speedy replies, I filled in all the details on the purchase application form and submitted it, they then came up with a page saying the offer would be considered, to follow came an email stating the offer was not good enough would i like to increase my offer or they would not proceed with the purchase. 4 emails have been sent, no replies

  GaT7 20:37 14 Feb 07

Are you sure that's a 'purchase application' page?

I get a secure (https) Shopping Cart page where I have to enter all my details including credit card info. I would go along with the process to see where it leads, but I don't want my card to be billed when I press the 'Next' button at the bottom! G

  bluto1 23:04 14 Feb 07

I think I know what it is, and you`ll tell me if it`s not aine. I think it`s an offer that Ashampoo put out frequently asking you to make an offer for some of their goods. I get this at least once a month. Am I right aine?

  GaT7 23:20 14 Feb 07

That's an odd one bluto1! I've never come across this practice before.

What I don't get is why does one have to make a bid, when one can visit Ashampoo (via the link at click here) & instantly purchase the same product for exactly the same price!? G

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