Are we treated fairly?

  bremner 16:10 20 Feb 05

We continue to hear about the disparity between purchasing software in this country and elsewhere.

I have just been to the HP site to see how much it would cost to upgrade my iPaq to Mobile 2003.

Initially you are directed to the US site where the price is $29.95 (around £17.00).

It is then necessary to go to your 'home' site. On doing so I follow through the pages and find that the same upgrade here is a staggering £52.28 inc vat.

Surely this is unreasonable>

  cycoze 16:39 20 Feb 05

Taxes , import duties etc are no doubt to blame.

  Totally-braindead 16:47 20 Feb 05

I would agree its unreasonable. Software in the US is either the dollar equivalent for pound, I mean here £30 there $30 which is almost half or even worse its cheaper than that. What can you do about it though, if you buy US goods you get hammered by customs and it usually means its even more expensive.

  Magik ®© 17:15 20 Feb 05

until we stand up and be counted we will be ripped off by sellers and goverments alike. and being in the EU makes no difference, bottle of wine in france about £1.10 over here about £6.

  bremner 17:40 20 Feb 05

"Taxes, import duties etc are no doubt to blame."

I just can not see how that could triple the cost.

  KingCanute 18:11 20 Feb 05

I'm in the Merchant Navy and therefore do a fair bit of importing myself, epsecially from the States due to the very good exchange rate at the moment.
UK Customs have been very fair in the past but I can say that if you import you are charged both VAT them import duty on top, which will add 30-35%. Anything above this is pure profit - it's not as if even the instruction books have to be translated!!

  spuds 19:51 20 Feb 05

Another 'unfair' HP story click here

  georgemac © 07:59 21 Feb 05

depends on the value - up to £18 incurs no import duties or VAT.

A lot of US ebay sellers now charge quite high postage to keep the value of the item below £18 - I bought a 256 mb sandisk memory stick pro for £21 including postage - no duty had to be paid on this.

So if you could buy the software in the US for £17 and get it shipped to the UK you will be OK, but don't think HP will sell it to you.

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