Arbico Computers. Buying Experience

  homesick hammer 16:21 17 Mar 08

Hi all

Im looking at buying a PC from this company for around 750GBP, im a poor student and this is all the money i have in the world! So id be interested to know if anyone has any experience of buying from them, this is the most amount of money ive ever spent so im anxious about going through with it because there unknown company (to me anyway). All help gratefully recieved :)

  GaT7 16:42 17 Mar 08

Their PCs are regularly reviewed on PCA (a search click here), so should be OK. Let someone else confirm with their own personal experience.

Cougar-Extreme (CE) click here get very good reviews on the forums, but the best value is Dell. What kind of PC are you looking for - your usage, & complete spec you're thinking of? £750 is a lot of money even if you're not a poor student! I could possibly spec one up for you online for less, or at least get you the best value for the money. G

  homesick hammer 17:12 17 Mar 08

Well ill be using it for word documents, internet and i do run a few high end games (warhammer and call of duty). Ive never bought a PC before so im not to clever with the technical terms. but for 750 the arbico spec is:

Choice of Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 OR Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 CPU
Choice of Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L Motherboard OR GigaByte GA-N650SLI-DS4L Motherboard
512MB nVidia 8800GT nVidia GeForce PCI Express Graphics Card
4 x 1GB Kingston OR Corsair 800Mhz PC6400 DDR2 Ram
250 GB SATA 7200RPM Hard Drive
19" Hannspree New York, Black, Widescreen, 700:1, 5ms, TFT
Creative Audigy SE 7.1 Sound Card
Cyber Acoustics 2.1 Speakers
Choice of Windows XP Home OR Windows Vista Home Premium
20x Dual Layer DVD +/- Rewriter
Standard Keyboard & Optical Mouse

AVG AntiVirus, OpenOffice
Ahead Nero Burning Software
460Watt 2 x 12v Dual Rail PSU
2 Years Return To Base Warrant

I assumed this was fairly good value especially compared to PC world just down the road from me. If you can spec one up for better value then it would be much appreciated i do have a budget of 800. Thanks

p.s had a look at cougar extreme and they seem very good value aswel.

  Joe R 17:21 17 Mar 08

homesick hammer,

that looks like a superb deal.

As Crossbow7, though, I don't have any recall of consumer complaints, (maybe a good thing) but, have seen them in poll position for their systems, in most of the top PC mags.

If I was buying the system myself, I would think about updating the PSU to a 600watt or so, and maybe add another hard drive for back-up.

  homesick hammer 17:33 17 Mar 08

Joe R

i thought it was good value.

The trouble is having just joined the forum ive been looking through some of the posts and ive found another 5 or 6 companies i didnt know existed who are also really good value so i might have to put back buying a few days and do some more research!

  GaT7 18:42 17 Mar 08

In comparison to the Arbico PC you posted, check out this Dell Vostro 400: click here:

Changes to make to the default spec:
- 1Yr Basic Warranty
- Dell™ A525 Speakers with Subwoofer [under Accessorise my Dell]

Total now £645 delivered.

Pros for the Dell: 750Gb hard drive, 2x optical drives, 22" monitor & a 19-in-1 Media Card Reader [see under Accessorise my Dell]

Pros for the Arbico: 4Gb 800Mhz RAM, slightly better soundcard, 2-yr warranty [& a better case?]

If you go for the Dell, main change would be o replace the original slower RAM with 2x2Gb 800Mhz OCZ RAM from eBuyer click here for £65, then sell Dell's 3Gb on eBay to recover something, say £25. Total now = £685

You'll get £26 cashback for the Dell going through Quidco click here (need to be registered & cookies enabled in browser) - making a grand total of around £659.

For £739 in total (after all the changes, cashback, etc as explained above), you can get the 24" Dell TFT. G

  homesick hammer 20:14 17 Mar 08

thanks for the advice crossbow appreciate it. the vostro does seem excellent value especially with the monitor. placed my order already.

thanks again!

  GaT7 20:45 17 Mar 08

What??!! I think you should've listened to own statement: "i might have to put back buying a few days and do some more research!"

Anyway, all the best & I hope you don't regret it! G

  homesick hammer 20:58 17 Mar 08

i think the vostro is a bargain plus i really wanted the biggest monitor i could get!

  GaT7 21:02 17 Mar 08

Out of interest, did you go for the 22/24" monitor?

Either way, tell us what it's like when you get it. Ta, G

  homesick hammer 22:15 17 Mar 08

I went for the 24".
i will certainly post back when it arrives.

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