AOL/Tiscali & co.

must be very happy at the number of free cd's they distribute with offers for internet connections and the amount of trade they provide to landfill site operators. As the numbers of free discs increases, there is only a limited number that can be found viable alternative uses. Coasters, bird scarers etc. The balance therefore must eventually find there way to a landfill site. With the government and local authorities legally bound to increase the amount of recycling, is there any moral justification for the proliferation of these discs in the absence of any viable recycling of unwanted discs or will be left with millions buried in ever shrinking landfill sites.

  Stuartli 15:25 23 Jan 03

Even more so as Tiscali's offer is also, for instance, available on the PCA cover disk.....

  watchful 15:54 23 Jan 03

In a word - NO (Or even 4 words!)

  Pilch.... 20:38 23 Jan 03

these CD's could be used for changing rooms style thing, imagine loads on a wall, i think that would be cool!

  DerekR 21:40 23 Jan 03

Best thing I have seen in using all these useless disks was in a nipple hanging contest at a pub.... see how many a woman (or funny shaped male) could hang on before they fell off!!

  Pilch.... 21:55 23 Jan 03

i could just imagine it!

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