AOL/TalkTalk Broadband - Major problem.

  beebender 09:53 20 Jan 10

I had placed this on the general forum but was advised to re-post here.

I thought you might be interested in the following nightmare scenario with AOL/TalkTalk.

I am currently with them and have never had a problem and some years ago I recommended them to my aged mother.

In July last year mum (aged 95) went into a dementia care home and the house was sold on 27 Oct.

In Sept 09 I emailed them twice to cancel the contract and the Direct Debit.

I received no reply and have spent 5 other half hour sessions trying to cancel mum's contract with no success.

I visited the Carphone Warehouse with no success and sent a detailed written letter in December to both UK addresses enclosing Power of Attorney, Recorded Delivery and again ignored.

They have continued to send bills and the phone line is still active and have now threatened my mother with legal action to recover money which she doesn't owe them.

Needless to say this matter has now been referred to her MP and Ofcom and I suing them for damages for the appalling distress which this has caused.

If you are thinking of going with TalkTalk fine but when you want to leave bear the above in mind.

  Covergirl 12:45 20 Jan 10

. . . customer services as your first course of action, rather than an email. Then you could have held for an hour or two and get connected to someone in outer mongolia with enough of a smattering of English to place you on a cancellation list.

Their customer service and customer care is hopeless - I'm currently in contact with them trying to get a phone number revived (as they don't have number transferability) and it's been ongoing for 6 weeks so far. I've spoken to about 5 different people who all have promised to sort me out but all have failed to get back in touch.

I'm about ready to let them win (if you know what I mean).

  Clapton is God 15:09 20 Jan 10

And it would have been simpler just to cancel the Direct Debit with your bank - NOT with the service provider.

As soon as TalkTalk realised they couldn't claim their charges from you, they'd have started listening.

  TopCat® 17:49 20 Jan 10

Go to click here to register for their forum and put your problem there. One or more of the CEO staff members will get in touch and give assistance in resolving it. They are available from Monday to Friday and if any personal details are required, then they will ask you to PM them with the information.

I recommend "Emma" who did some sterling work for me last year. click here Good luck! TC.

  bremner 18:03 20 Jan 10

Took me a year to get money owed to me by Carphone Warehouse.

They are without any doubt the worst company I have ever dealt with and hell would have to freeze over and the Pope announce he was entering Miss World before I would use them again.

All I can advise is be persistent and make a record of every conversation, including the name of to whom you spoke and keep a copy of all correspondance.

  Forum Editor 18:09 20 Jan 10

instead of Speakers Corner - I'll move it over now.

  Covergirl 21:48 20 Jan 10

Emma dumped my case and hasn't answered my PM. Other OCEs send me back to Customer Services and you can probably imagine how effective that is.

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