AOL renewal for £9.99 - any experience

  waltjabsco 19:55 05 Feb 08

Hello, my year long AOL silver (2mb) £14.99 contract is about to expire and I'm looking to get 8mb with them (im one of the few who have had good experiences with AOL it seems). I'm looking for 8Mb, an ongoing (or at worst 12 month) contract, same download limits as i currently have (40Gb), and no price rise after 6 months.

Can anyone who has done this confirm that this offer is possible, and what they said to get it? I assume I have to call the Irish call centre (I tried Live Help and got nowhere) and threaten to cancel?

  realist 20:04 05 Feb 08

When I renewed it was £9.99 for 6 months then £14.99.
That's for "up to 8MB" (some hopes!)and 18 month contract.
Good luck, anyway!

  RobCharles1981 20:08 05 Feb 08

I wouldn't bother with them to be be honnest they are a waste of space, When my price is going to be raised to £17.99 before long, I'm going to phone them to cancel because I can't be arsed with them.

When you actualy ring support your either speaking to Ireland (which is ok) India are a nightmare endless scripting talk drives me around the bend.

I've been taking a look on click here and I'm most probably going to move to something like Falconet.

  Crash 20:45 05 Feb 08

Before signing up remember that for the £9.99 deal they will put you on LLU and it will cost you to be migrated back if you choose to cancel when your contracts up. Check here click here to see if you can get Sky or Be/O2 broadband which will be better value.

  Peripheral SQL 22:32 05 Feb 08

yeah ring and say you want £9.99 permanently
they will offer it for 6 months then £14.99
usually with free router
insist on £9.99 or you will leave for SKY etc
when you are then transferred to cancellations
(or whatever it's called)
say again you want £9.99 permanently
or you will leave/need MAC code
at this point was offered £9.99 permanant
18 month contract

just been transferred to carphone warehouse servers
been unusually flaky connection this last week
but then they are migrating a lot of customers
testing stuartli's advice of resetting MTU to 1432
as used by talk talk, even though AOL say 1450

seems better via firefox
but don't use the AOL client meself
time will tell
usual speeds 5500/375 approx

  waltjabsco 01:45 06 Feb 08

Thanks for the replies everyone. I think I already am on the LLU (though thats the first i've heard of a migration charge). To be honest it seems that most ISP's are terrible these days. That said AOL has been almost flawless for me so I dont mind hanging around, its just the 18 months (and the price rise after 6) im not interested in.

Incidentally, the MTU setting at 1400 helped me, its better than ever now.

Check out these threads on MoneySavingExpert click here and click here , they seem to know to say!

  Diemmess 11:07 06 Feb 08

...... about service reliability with Aol, though
help is a different matter!

Rather than email, Live Help, or threats I was on £14.99 and then WROTE a more-in sorrow-than-anger letter to "vice president consumer affairs."
click here
My theme was, that I had been a member since long back in dial-up days but was thinking of changing unless I could have a reduction.

I was telephoned from Eire offering £9.99 with a 12 month commitment. I accepted gracefully and that was about 3 years ago.

No bother so far, but I'm nervous of possible changes while ISPs keep wheeler dealing between each other in a fierce market.

A polite letter can still be the shortest route to an answer.

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