AOL Prices

  driving man 09:07 03 Aug 06

phoned them up last night (India) and said wasnt happy paying their prices fot AOL silver--the most basic broadband'
First of all they offered me a free modem and £14.99 a month. Said I didnt need a modem and they said £9.99 a month.ok i told some porky piesabout opposition prices but what a drop from original £17.99 to £9.99
mind you have been on aol since '97
Seems there is a God of justice in this world.
but to those on aol try same trick --it may or may not work for you.
1 thing i would say as a salesman when on phone keep smiling-- it somehow gets down the phone line

  vinnyT 13:46 03 Aug 06

Great result.

Many of the isp's are the same, tell them you want to cancell and they can sometimes offer great deals.

  ASTRoberts 10:13 06 Aug 06

I am in the final month of my AOL Broadband Silver Contract. If you do nothing, they just keep taking £17-99 a month. Having read your post, I rang them and, similar result ... £9-99 a month, one year contract with first month free. I think this is the deal AOL are offering their Dial-up customers if they upgrade to Broadband. Like you, I have been with AOL since 1997. I guess many here will get their Broadband cheaper than £9-99 a month, but it will do for me. If I remember correctly in 1997, AOL were just upgrading from 14.4 kbps to 28.8 kbps, there was no "unlimited" package, you paid £5-95 a month subscription, first 5 hours online were "free" then you paid £2-35 an hour ... and you had to pay for the phonecalls on top of that !!!


  Stuartli 11:12 06 Aug 06

Pipex have done similar discounts and Tiscali dropped its £14.99 1MB to £9.99 for a while to those who sought to leave following the TalkTalk offer back in April.

  driving man 14:24 06 Aug 06

ASTRoberts glad to have been of use. remember the days of dial up------ 1 month the bill was nearly £100 which was paid for by the minute.--Then they went unlimited-- about 10 months ago finally went broadband and the last week complained.
Anyway I'm glad you had a result as well



  ASTRoberts 15:51 06 Aug 06

Yes driving man, your experience of AOL is very similar to mine. Beats me how anyone can refer to "The Good Old Days" :)
For all that, although AOL aren't the cheapest, I think the service and support they provide is probably better than the average ISP.


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