AOL or BT Broadband ?

  Drax. 20:42 07 May 05

Im thinking of joining aol or bt broadband for my new isp, has anyone had any problems with these isp's.

  rdave13 21:45 07 May 05

Been with them over 13 months and no problems to date.Upgraded from dial-up to BB and then upgraded to a higher BB with no problems.
As far as BT I cant advise sorry.
Many extra security wares on AOL I believe.

Well I am on AOL 2MB service and all I have had recently is it disconnecting whilst online.
So I phoned their FREE customer service Helpline and they could not give me an answer on why it kept cutting out.
I have been with AOL for 3years and I have told them that I will Looking for another service provider when my contract is up.
Alot of my friends are on BT BB and have never had any problems so I think I will going to them .
Hope this helps

  selfbuild 20:25 08 May 05

AOHell are ok if you like having your hand held.... it also makes several vital changes to the operating system and is a a$$hole to remove.....

If you go for BT or Plusnet etc (not Tiscalli as they have a special deal with BT that ties the line to them and makes migration impossible), then you can make allsorts of changes (like changing your browser) and be able to undo them without messing things up..... they also make migration easier should you feel the need for a change of ISP.......

  ton 21:06 08 May 05

"AOL, it also makes several vital changes to the operating system and is a a$$hole to remove....."

The above is a myth, you CAN uninstall it without problems.

I have used AOL for 3 years (dialup & broadband) and have always had a good reliable connection.

  ton 21:10 08 May 05

"then you can make allsorts of changes (like changing your browser)" Yes, you can do this with AOL, I use Firefox and Thunderbird.

Been with BT Yahoo for five years now,first dial-up then onto broadband.Was on 512 kbps service which they upgraded to 2mb for free.Never a problem,nothing more I can say.

Not used AOL so I can't comment about them.

  Mr Scone 13:34 09 May 05

Have a look on this website click here
It will let you compare different broadband prividers in terms of speed, reliability, customer service and of course price. I think that I would always tend to steer away from BT or AOL and go for a slightly less well known but (IMHO) better service. I am with Pipex (no problems with anything and free upgrade coming this summer) and friends of mine are with Nildram (also never a problem). Check out these two and compare to AOL and BT. Also try comparing some others as well (Zen is suposed to be very good). AOL and BT seem to be much poorer in most cases and also watch out for metered access. Unmetered is much better as you don't have to stop using the internet after your meagre 1GB allowance has been used up.

Hope this helps


  PUNKA 20:42 09 May 05

£9.99 per month.

  the kopite 22:14 09 May 05

Like Ton I have been with Aol for 6 years and have no problems with their broadband or unistalling at all. In fact all in all I think they are a very good service provider after all how many British providers give you a free help line ?

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