Analyst02 03:23 28 Feb 04

At long last BT have deemed it time to update my local exchange and can now therefore aquire B/B.
After a few confusing phone calls around to other ISP's like Tascali and BT-Yahoo.. i have opted to give AOL B/B a i have been with them for 8 years with very very few things to complain about.
I am running XP Pro on all machines within my home network.
Have anybody experienced any re-curring problems with AOL B/B?
Many thanks

  D-P-R 01:06 29 Feb 04

I didn't think AOL allowed you to share your conection with other puter on a network. I was with AOL when I was on dialup but changed isp when I went b/b because at the time they would not allow internet conection sharing. Also they wont allow you to sign on with more than one user name from an account at the same time, so only 1 pc on the network can sign on at a time

  JIM 01:15 29 Feb 04

All changed now D-P-R with AOL and home networking,share pc's and the broaaband connection.

AOL now offers all Broadband DSL members the ability to have several Screen Names from a single AOL account online at the same time with the new multiple simultaneous login feature.
Your whole family can enjoy the benefits of sharing high-speed DSL access throughout your AOL Home Network. Depending on which networking option you choose, up to six Screen Names can be online simultaneously from your AOL DSL Broadband connection. Plus one Screen Name can also access AOL via the normal dial-up narrowband connection.

However, all such access will be charged at the standard 0845 access rates, unless you are on a price plan that includes dial-up access.

We recommend that Windows 2000 or Windows XP computer operating systems are used plus AOL 8.0 upwards for all AOL recommended home network setups.

Note: AOL is currently unable to offer a home networking solution to broadband cable customers, but is working to offer this soon.

  The Sack 01:20 29 Feb 04

You can use any router you like with AOL BB, just remember to set the MTU of the router and network card to 1400 and the password you use in the router settings must be 8 letters or less. Once you have the router set up either start AOL or preferably just open IE6 or what ever browser you like and by pass the AOL client, this applys for every PC on the network.

AOL without the software is great, it is faster and more stable. For your email just use outlook express or any email client that supports IMAP.

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