Anyone using a Sapphire Radeon X1950 GT?

  Armchair 11:26 07 Oct 07

If so, just how noisy is the fan on it?

click here

I was going to order one, but that review has put me off. Or have Sapphire fixed the problem since then?

It's a longshot I know, but it can't do any harm to ask here!

  I am Spartacus 12:40 07 Oct 07

If you're prepared to spend a bit more you could replace the stock heatsink and fan with one of these Thermalright V2 Copper coolers and fit a quiet fan click here

  Armchair 14:42 07 Oct 07

That's an option, but the extra cost would push the price above that of an X1950 Pro.

  Armchair 12:04 08 Oct 07

I guess not...........

  Colin 13:23 08 Oct 07

I have a standard Radeon X1800XT. It too is quite noisy, but I can't hear it when I'm playing a game. When I quit the game, it very quickly settles down to an acceptable level, but that's only my opinion.

  Armchair 19:23 08 Oct 07

Unfortunately, the X1950 GT's fan (when it was first introduced, anyway) stays on full speed all of the time. I just wanted to know if Sapphire had done anything about this.

It's irrelevant now, though, because I've ordered a silent HIS X1950 Pro! A bit more expensive, and my CPU will definitely bottleneck it, but at least it'll be quiet.

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