Anyone use BT 1571 Answer service

  So Afraid 19:48 05 Dec 08

How do you find this service,good-bad or pros and cons.

  SB23 19:52 05 Dec 08

Very good, never had any problems with it.

  realist 20:14 05 Dec 08

The only thing is you have to pick up the phone to check for the "stutter tone" to know if you have been left a message. Other than that fine.

  So Afraid 20:41 05 Dec 08

It is free no hidden charges?

  daveeb 21:05 05 Dec 08

I think they either charge the person who leaves the message or the recipient on retrieval of the message, can't remember for sure and not 100% sure on this.

  So Afraid 21:09 05 Dec 08

Ok thanks

See if anyone can add to that.

  rdave13 22:00 05 Dec 08

If you subscribe you'll be charged. Same as that bloody annoying reply that you get sometimes; "this is Bt , please leave a message..". Tough luck is as, you the caller, will be immediately charged 5p just for putting the phone down in not wishin to leave a reply.
Who cares eh?

  rdave13 22:19 05 Dec 08

Now that I've cooled down and thought again it must have it's pros. If there is a good point then I can't find it (the pros) only for BT.
If you ring a subscriber for BT's answerphone the bell won't ring long before the soothing woman's voice will ask you to leave a message.
Caller gets done, subscriber will eventually get done as everyone will jump on the expensive band wagon.
In the olden days if the phone wasn't answered then nobody was at home. No reply and no charges.

  Joe R 22:29 05 Dec 08

Easy solution.
Buy an answering machine. :)

  rdave13 22:41 05 Dec 08

That's not the point. BT are getting away with this 'service' and no one is batting an eyelid about it. Why?
If you have an answering machine set to answer a second later to BT's wonderful answer service then the caller is still stuffed.
Callers beware, if nobody answeres within 20 seconds then put the phone down.

Help BT, subscribe to 1571 and make the company richer..:))

  feb 23:14 05 Dec 08

I thought 1571 was free to register!!
If you call someone and get an answer machine you will still be charged, so whats the difference?

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