Anyone suggest ive gpt £1000 to buy a pc

  perpetual motion 00:18 26 Jan 09

Hi all ive got a grand to spend on a new pc either with a monitor or not, id rather get a better base unit then get a package if there is going to be a decent amount of differance, im more into the gaming pc's just cant justify spending any more than a grand, Also is there MUCH of a differance between the I7 Proccessor & the core 2 Quad..?
Any suggestions on pc's woul be appreciated..


  Si_L 02:04 26 Jan 09

Ask in Helproom, you will get better responses there. This section is for non-PC related chat.

  laurie53 08:22 26 Jan 09

Chat? Chat?

I'll have to stop posting; I'm not allowed in Chatrooms! :-)

  anskyber 09:00 26 Jan 09

Have a look here. click here

  perpetual motion 09:24 26 Jan 09

Ansky Cheers thats great help!

I was going to put it in Helproom but i was unsure if its appropriate as its not help i want more advice..??

  Si_L 11:50 26 Jan 09

I would say debates, but recent threads of tinned tomatoes and such changed my mind.

  interzone55 13:14 26 Jan 09

This would be one of the reasons why BT is doing away with the numbers and shift people to 0370 numbers, which pay no fee to the owner...

  Stuartli 14:01 26 Jan 09

I would suggest that the correct forum is, in fact, Consumerwatch...:-)

  Forum Editor 18:21 26 Jan 09

from Speakers Corner.

  GaT7 18:42 26 Jan 09

Spotted an i7 base unit at Scan click here for just over £900. However, NO graphics card (or optical drive) included & the case itself retails for ~£140! Hence, it may work out better & cheaper if you were to buy the components & build it yourself.

Reviews/benchmarks indicate there's quite a difference between the i7 & C2Q, & more so when overclocked. Whether it justifies the premium or not will depend on your expectations/budget. If going down the i7 route, the cheapest 920 one would be chip of choice - of course! The others cost an arm & a leg :-)), G

  perpetual motion 21:20 28 Jan 09

OK i think ive done well here, IVe managed to buy a Dell XPS 720 Intel Core 2 Extreme H2C, Here's the spec:

CPU Type Core 2 Extreme
CPU Speed 2.93ghz - Q6800
Memory Type Hynix PC2-6400 1gb - 3 modules
Memory Speed 800mhz
Hard Drive Type ( 1 ) Seagate - SATA
Hard Drive GB ( 1 ) 750GB - 7200RPM
Hard Drive Type ( 2 ) Seagate - SATA
Hard Drive GB ( 2 ) 750GB - 7200RPM
Optical Drive ( 1 ) DVD-RW
Optical Drive ( 2 ) DVD-ROM
Graphics Card(s) Geforce 8800 GTX 768mb
Graphics Card(s) Geforce 8800 GTX 768mb
Operating System Windows XP Professional
Additional Comments Memory Card Reader
Sound Blaster X-FI
Physx Graphics Accelerator
H2C Ceramic Cooling System (Liquid Cooling)

It comes with a keyboard & mouse (Logitech) & ive spotted a 24 inch monitor "DELL Truecolour E248WFPb Max Resolution:1920x1200 for £ 100 (Refurbished) BUT a minter..Did i get a bargain..? cause it took me ages to find them

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