Anyone recommend this

  dagnammit 17:27 26 Jul 09

music system?

click here

  curofone 18:41 26 Jul 09

is it just me or do they have the name of this system wrong: "iPod Cocking Mini System"?

  SB23 19:12 26 Jul 09

Apart from its name, lol, Sony has never failed me. Not to mention it looks like a good system.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 19:37 26 Jul 09

but I bought one of these from Richer Sounds for the bedroom and it sounds superb for the money. Doesn't go extremely loud though!

click here

  Arthur Scrimshaw 19:38 26 Jul 09

chucked in an ipod dock as well.

  dagnammit 20:58 26 Jul 09

Indeed they do.

  martd77 21:43 26 Jul 09

i have this one,only paid £120 for it,good dab radio,mp3 disc player etc very versatile
click here

cant remember where i purchased it from have had it bout 6months

  martd77 21:47 26 Jul 09

actually got it from here even cheaper now
click here

Are you actually interested in the product, or were you just pointing out the error for its comical value?

  dagnammit 10:45 30 Jul 09

I forgot about this thread.

I think I want something more discreet than the one listed like click here

The missus has been using an itrip to play her ipod on the music system we have and I want one with a dock.

I'm wondering should I wait because she has a classic 120GB (her 1st ever ipod) and I plan to get her a touch when the /rumoured/ new models are released later in the year. Just wondering about compatibility now.

  Woolwell 22:27 30 Jul 09

My wife uses a BOSE dock for her IPOD Nano and the sound is excellent click here

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