Anyone own a JVC Everio H/D Camcorder?

  rickf 21:43 01 Sep 08

If you have used one can you tell me if the audio is any good? I would want to shoot music videos so sound is very important to me. My present Hitachi(DVD) has an audio input socket to which I have connected an external mike to improve the sound quality. However, I rather fancy a H/D one such as this JVC which I understand hasn't got the input socket. Any experience of it much appreciated.

  rickf 09:59 02 Sep 08

nobody, really??

  Patr100 13:51 02 Sep 08

If sound is important , which it is, you really need a mic imput - not something you should ompromise on, if the model hasn't got one, then choose one that has.

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