Anyone know about, offering Photoshop and Autocad

  kendor969 25 Mar 13

Saw link to this site offering Photoshop CS5 for 19euro. Sounds too good to be true .Anyone know about them?

  HondaMan 25 Mar 13

In their Ts&Cs, I found this:


"You" refers to the user. "Software" refers to the Shop4Soft training content." What EXACTLY are they selling I wonder?

  bjh. 25 Mar 13

Sounds too good to be true.... Well, you said it yourself, didn't you?

  wiz-king 25 Mar 13

To be sure,it could be bother. As the full program normally costs around £800 I dont think you would get mush for e19. If you look at the other page for autocad it does not even have a link to download the program.

  Dinab 11 Apr 13

I purchased this and cannot download - it takes hours - told to turn of Norton - a bit dubious so didn't - then found Trojan ADH.2. Some you win!

  kendor969 12 Apr 13

Sounds as if it definitly was too good to be true.

  Dinab 15 Apr 13


Downloaded and having help with any problems from them - all up and running!!!!!

Busy now eating my hat!!

  Forum Editor 15 Apr 13

The student version of Photoshop CS5 costs £300, so common sense should tell you that you cannot possible buy a new, properly licensed version for 19 Euros.

You will almost certainly be buying an illegal copy. I challenge the supplier to prove otherwise; if I receive satisfactory evidence I'll apologise, but I'm not holding my breath.

  lotvic 15 Apr 13

Microsoft won't be very pleased either when they find out that website advertises fully working MS Office Pro 2010 for 19 euros.


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