Anyone heard of?

  Maelstrom 10:16 30 Sep 03

Armade computers click here

There prices seem reasonable but sometimes the saying 'you get what you pay for' kicks in, if anyone has had any experiance with them please let me know.

  Chris the Ancient 10:25 30 Sep 03

I went and had a look at the site.

What I did find worrying is that I could not find any idea of where they are! Only an 0870 number - so no area code.

Hard to find them if things go pear shaped?

  Belatucadrus 10:36 30 Sep 03

They are listed at Companies House click here


Company No. :04738668

Date of Incorporation : 17/04/2003 so no track record to speak of yet, but equally no reason to mistrust them. Anybody out there used them yet ?

  Chris the Ancient 10:43 30 Sep 03

I didn't think of going to Companies House! So, they're a new company. And no track record.

But, one 'up-side' is that I don't recall seeing any bad news threads here either!

If they get some good reviews, I might consider a refurbished laptop from them for in the car.


  Simsy 12:35 30 Sep 03

it would appear that they will supply a system with Linux installed...

That they are offering this suggests some confidence, and presumeably that they know what they are doing?



  Maelstrom 12:36 30 Sep 03

Thanks for all the help, ive decided to go ahead and splash out on a fairly top spec pc but to save a bit of cash i'll get a P4 2.4ghz rather than a 3.0ghz.

The only problem I find with buying a whole unit online is that yu often get ripped off, companys will buy cheap RAM and a cheap version of the graphics card you require, but I asked around at the site at it doesnt seem to bad, the problem is though ive never heard of the brands of RAM they offer Kingston and Twinmoss, any1 heard of these?

  Diemmess 16:26 30 Sep 03

Kingston Technology rings a bell from the past.
I think their memory offers were part of a larger mail order organisation, but never dealt with them.

  Lionheart? 17:41 30 Sep 03

Their location is on the bottom page of Terms and Conditions.

  DieSse 17:55 30 Sep 03

Kingston and Twinmos are both grade one RAM manufacturers. However Kingston also offer "Value RAM" at a lower price - so it pays to make sure what you're getting.

If you're choosing a high spec setup, you should be looking for a motherboard with an 800MHz FSB - which should be set up using Dual-Channel RAM. Dual-Channel RAM will have to be of high quality or it just won't work.

  Chris the Ancient 20:19 30 Sep 03

Please keep us in touch with progress. This does seem to be a 'new' site to a lot of us and praise (I hope) can only be good.

(ps I'm not connected with them!)


  Forum Editor 23:58 30 Sep 03

a company is fairly new, and without a track record is not in itself any cause for concern. No company has a track record at first, it's something that is gained by trading, and that can only happen if customers buy the goods or services and are satisfied.

I hope that your experience is a good one, and as Chris the Ancient says - perhaps you'll come back and let us know how it works out.

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