Anyone have ink problems with Epson CX5200 printer

  sezzi1 19:05 24 Sep 05

Has anyone had any problems with Epsons CX5200 printer. I changed my yellow cart and now it won't print yellow [put 3 different carts in] I have heard that the ink tubes come away from the printhead.

  De Marcus™ 19:52 24 Sep 05

My brother has one and is very happy with it, did you remove the seal tape from the top of the cartridge to allow it to 'breathe'?

  sezzi1 20:15 24 Sep 05

Yes I did. I have had quite a few printers [6 Epson all of them still working except this one] but the CX5200 has been the worst. It is just past it's warrenty period and hasn't gone through one ream of paper yet. I've been reading on other forums that it's a well know fault with the CX5200 and the C82 that the ink tubes come off therefore stopping the ink from getting to the printhead. I have written to Epson but they are not prepared to do anything so I'm in the process of collecting information on other CX5200 owners that have had the same problem to try and make Epson aware of the fault.

  jack 14:20 25 Sep 05

Speak nicely to Epson.
I relate what happened to me with a R300
It stared strange error messages and would not print. It was 18 month old.
I posted many threads here and the gang suggested this that and the other.
I E-mailed Epson and the immediately mailed back with the same suggestions. This was on a Saturday.
On Monday I had an E-mail from another guy at Epson offering to replace the machine for a 'Handling fee' of £45. I said yes please back.
On the Thursday -a phonecalelasking was I still interested - yes said I -Ok give me your Visa Number - so I did - He said pack the old machine ready for a swap. Friday 9am AmTrak at door with big Epson box, guy asking for the old one -just like that.
Be nice- dont get strop - they bend over backwards.

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