Anyone got a Yamada DVD Hd Recorder? Opinions?

  rickf 13:58 13 Dec 05

Hi, If you have one what's it like? Thinking of getting one from Maplins as its w/in budget.Thanks

  Stuartli 14:31 13 Dec 05

You may find Yamada models even cheaper elsewhere.

Try these Google links for retailers:

click here

and perhaps a search for reviews afterwards.

  rickf 21:45 13 Dec 05

Thanks Stuartli

  freaky 10:29 14 Dec 05

If you are considering a DVD Recorder with a hard drive, then Targa have recently brought one out that has excellent reviews.

  rickf 10:53 14 Dec 05

Hi freaky,
Thanks for reply. Trouble is I can't get hold of a Targa. They seem to sell thru'Lidl and my local branch never seem to have electronics. If you know of a site on the net or retail outlet let me know. Cheers

  Stuartli 13:20 14 Dec 05

Try contacting the UK division of Targa (a German company) on its website:

click here

  rickf 16:43 14 Dec 05

Have done already, thanks.

  Niklarse 23:56 14 Dec 05

I got a yamada player, the build quality / reliability is an issue, 2 years on and its a bit iffy. But it plays DIVX and its cheap, have not got the recorder though - just a player.

  rickf 10:34 15 Dec 05

Thanks Niklarse for info. Still waitng for someone who has this recorder. Maplins selliung thme for £199 with a 80 gig H/D

  Stuartli 10:50 15 Dec 05

You can do a lot better than that...:-)

A JVC XV-DDV1 with 80GB HDD, for instance, costs £150 and is a well known and respected brand.

  rickf 12:33 15 Dec 05

Hi Stuartli,
That's good news. Where did you see this? I have been googling and can't find anyhting like your suggestions. Thanks

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