Anybody used Justinkandpaper?

  Zurdo 19:38 13 Oct 08

I need a couple of HP 300xl cartridges and my usual supplier 7dayshop don't stock them. The cheapest alternative I've found is
Anybody used these folks? Any feedback is much appreciated. Thanks

  obso1337 19:46 13 Oct 08

Never tried, have you checked ebay?

  bowman 19:54 13 Oct 08

Have used them once in the past with no problems..
Currently waiting ink for my epson, ordered on 11th. (Saturday)

  jaraba 19:56 13 Oct 08

Try choicestationary

  Zurdo 19:59 13 Oct 08

First thing I did obso and for a black + colour they work out £7.57 more expensive..........surprise or what!

  Zurdo 20:05 13 Oct 08

Thanks Bowman. Sorry jaraba I already tried choice and can't find the printer ( Hp F4280

  Coffee Adict 20:43 13 Oct 08

They get a good recommendation on another forum I visit.

  Zurdo 12:50 14 Oct 08

Thanks everybody!

  George X 12:12 19 May 09

Beware, allow ten days delivery, not four! I have been on the phone with them repeatedly and they are quite cagey about actual shipping dates. Three different people told me three different things. They waited four days after the oder before even posting, and so far the order is still incomplete - all this while the items are "instock" on the website (and were when I ordered them). Printer is Epson R2880. My clients are waiting for their prints and I'm pretty unhappy.

  Pauldunstan 21:05 19 May 09

I always use click here. Never had any problems. Products have always been posted same day.

  Snec 23:25 19 May 09

Yes, I use them a lot and have had no problems at all, with delivery times or anything else. They are a good outfit.

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