Any good DVD writers

  suburban train 18:10 29 Aug 06


Can anyone recommend a decent DVD writer which can record to all DVD formats and use any make of DVD Disks.

Just been having a look at click here

What does OEM mean and bare drive mean?


click here
click here


  DieSse 18:22 29 Aug 06

Bare drive means just the drive - no cables, screws, software, or anything else.

OEM means as supplied to system builders to build into systems. May range from a bare drive up to a fairly complete package of bits, but rarely a pretty box.

I've always found LG drives to be sound and very relaible.

Using any make of DVD disks though is a bit like wishing for the moon - no-one will ever have tested it with all makes, so no-one will or can give you such a guarantee. However well know branded makes of drive will normally be quite happy with well-knon branded makes of disks.

  Stuartli 20:17 29 Aug 06

OEM and bare bones is basically the same - you just don't pay extra for retail packs when you may have the leads, burning programs etc already.

There are good words spoken about NEC DVD rewriters but, as a lot of these drives are actually rebadged, the choice is not as wide as might be imagined.

Wide choice here:

click here

click here

plus Scan, Dabs, e-Buyer, Novatech etc.

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