any dvd rw's come with nero 7 suite?

  sunny staines 16:21 19 May 07

looking for dvd rw with nero 7 oem suite anyone know of any at present please

click here
nero 7 essentials suite+dvdrw

  Roadgiant 16:40 19 May 07

I've just bought a LiteOn DH-20A1P-45C 20x DVD Writer from SVP click here which has Nero 7 essentials with it, for under £18 delivered, ordered it Sunday pm delivered (by the cheapest delivery method) Tue am.

  pj123 18:16 19 May 07

Forget Nero 7. More problems than it is worth. I went back to Nero 6 PDQ.

Only my opinion.

  Totally-braindead 19:19 19 May 07

pj123 has a point, Nero 7 was very buggy when released. Mind you that was a while ago and it might be sorted now. I tried a trial of it had problems and had to go back to Nero 6.

  Taff™ 07:59 20 May 07

Nero 7 Premium was very quickly uninstalled here too. Worst piece of software I ever bought. There are better free options available on the cover discs from PCA.

  sunny staines 09:12 20 May 07

thanks for all the replies, was not aware of problems of nero 7. just put a cdrw in a pc for my daughter and installed nero5 the last update i could get on that was so I was thinking of a new dvd writer with nero 7.

might gofor nero6 unless any readers give good ref for nero 7.

  pj123 17:18 20 May 07

sunny staines, Nero 5 can't do DVDs.

There is a Nero 6 on eBay Buy it Now for 99p plus £5 postage. click here

Grab one and then update it to the latest version for free on click here

You will need to download at least Package 1 and Package 2.

  sunny staines 20:14 20 May 07

its only a cdrw fitted, thanks for the info about nero5 and dvdrw.

will gofor nero6 in light of above entries.

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