Anti-virus question

  Mekanos 15:08 04 May 08


Been using McAfee for a while, but im quite fed up with it at the moment and my subscription is runing out and i want to try one of the free antivirus packages.

So my questions are -

What program should i download to remove McAfee completely? (heard simply uninstalling it doesnt work)
Which antivirus should i get?
Which anti spyware program should i get?

Thanks in advance!

  RobCharles1981 15:26 04 May 08

Download the Removal Tool From: click here

For Antivirus

Avast click here

Comodo click here

Recomended Antispyware

Spyware Terminator click here

Spyware Blaster click here

Super Antispyare click here

Spybot Search and Destory: click here

A-Squared click here

Another basic guide: click here


  Mekanos 16:12 04 May 08

Thank you!

One last question, Spyware Terminator has an antivirus program doesnt it? Will that not interfere with Avast? (or any other AV).

  RobCharles1981 16:16 04 May 08

Nope Spyware Terminator is Antispyware which offers real time protection, it will not interfere with Avast.


  Mekanos 16:27 04 May 08

thanks again!

  Belatucadrus 14:21 05 May 08

Spyware Terminator comes with the option of installing ClamWin anti virus as an extra. While it probably isn't going to clash as it's just a stand alone scanner without any active shields, it isn't really worth bothering with so leave it off.

  slimk 19:54 05 May 08

AVG free is the best free AV application. Avast failed miserably on the Virus Bulletin tests (industry bench marker). If in doubt go to their website and check for yourself.

Spybot and/or Lavasoft are very reputable free anti-spyware products. If in doubt google them. They're both recommended, year in year out, in all the PC mags/ sites

  Horik 21:24 05 May 08

I run AVG free, Zonealarm, Spywareblaster, Windows Defender and Spybot seek and destroy.

I've never had a virus problem and any spyware that gets past Spywareblaster's real-time protection is picked up by Spybot (as far as I'm aware lol).

I have no problems and am very happy with the level of protection offered by this combo.

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