Another pc retailer gone

  Starfox 21:54 20 Nov 05

Just found this click here

Don't suppose most people have heard of them but I have bought lots of items from them over the years.As well as having several shops they ran a type of membership club where you paid an annual subscription and received gifts and catalogues to buy anything from pc games to hardware.

They also sold pc's under the Maxx P C brand.Shame really but that's the way it's going these days!

  spuds 23:01 20 Nov 05

Wondered why very little advertising was appearing from this company.Now we Know.

  mole44 17:02 21 Nov 05

sad to see another go,they go back to my amiga days and even when i had the spectrum.

  ade.h 17:19 21 Nov 05

click here

Excite has described itself as a customer-service-led alternative to industry behemoths like Ebuyer and Dabs. It launched in February, but has had a mention in Personal Computer World this month.

Though, as PCW pointed out in its news story, while there are seven staff and 30 orders a day, it's quite easy. If it grows rapidly and starts getting hundreds or even thousands of orders per day, Excite might find that it's a lot harder.

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