Another Domain Registry Scam?

  thegreypanther 14:40 23 Jun 05

I have just received a very official looking letter, with reply paid envelope, from the Domain Registry of America. Their "offices" are in 56 Gloucester Rd, Suite 526, London SW7 4UB. Am I correct in that this is yet another domain registry scam? Are other people aware of it? And should I take any action, or just ignore it?

  ventanas 15:57 23 Jun 05
  thegreypanther 16:12 23 Jun 05

OK, - looks like they could be genuine. Problem is, there was a very unpleasant scam last year by Domain Registry Services of Cambridge, where quite a number of people WERE affected. I think I'll stick with my current domain hosts.

  ventanas 16:25 23 Jun 05

Yes, I know. We get a few from time to time. Often threatening to let the name go elswhere if we don't give them hundreds of pounds. I just telephone and give them a lesson in street language.

  Forum Editor 23:36 23 Jun 05

that you put the letter straight into the bin. That way it will eventually join the hundreds of thousands of identical letters received by others (including me) over the past few years.

Whatever you do, don't send these people any money, or take any action as a result of the letter.

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