Another dissatisfied PCNextDay customer

  DonaldGpc 16:19 10 Oct 06

Blimey, reading through the posts it looks like no one has anything good to say about PCNextDay. I am another dissatisfied customer! I order something from them a while ago and when it arrived it was the wrong make and the spec was a bit different. But when i asked them to replace it with one identical to the one shown on their web site or give me a refund they refused, saying they didn't have any left so they sent me a similar one instead. I kept telling them I didn't want it but they didn't want to know and eventually ignored my emails.

  Diemmess 17:41 10 Oct 06

That may weaken your case a little depending on how long ago!

When retailers play this game they hope you will become fed up and they can avoid a straight returns procedure.

Assuming you have all the paperwork, your only avenue now is to deliver a written ultimatum to them with the request to settle now or face a civil action via the Small Claims Court.

Keep all paper work and whatever emails you have.
If it comes to a court action you must be prepared for more expense and hope they settle first. Small claims courts are not a certain cure but with a little bit of luck may be something PCNextDay would like to avoid.

[It is all down to Customer Service and the firm's attitude.
I pushed Novatech for a replacement CDROM for one of their older laptops. By the time it arrived I had learned that it was major surgery involved, and they accepted this return at full value because "I had not seen the drive when ordered". Now that WAS service and I still happily buy from them.]

  DonaldGpc 19:49 10 Oct 06

Cheers for this, much appreciated. I don't think it is worth taking legal action because there is probably something in the small print saying they can give me a similar product. Companies like PCNextDay should not do this, if a product is out of stock they should notify the customer. Until PCNextDay reply to my emails and give me a replacement or refund i will be ordering my pc accessories from elsewhere.

  garyworcester 21:21 13 Oct 06

<shakes head>

  hijo 22:00 13 Oct 06


click here

  rdave13 00:44 14 Oct 06

I bought a Zoostorm at the beginning of this year and had good service.
It arrived on the day it was meant to be delivered and worked straight out of the box.

Tech. support answered a query of mine within 4 hours (about opening the case to upgrade) and felt that PcNextday were a good company.

Previous to purchasing a full system; I had bought various components from them and delivery was always prompt. One item was a day late and I informed them of this through their feedback comments and was promptly given a refund of the postage with apology.

Reading a lot of threads about PcNexday here I think I've been "more than lucky" and will take my custom elswhere next time.

  Stuartli 00:49 14 Oct 06

With all due respects the BBC's Watchdog receives thousands of requests a year and only a very small number of complaints (of a seriously major nature) can be taken up.

Constacting Customer Direct will probably bring quicker and more effective results.

  HondaMan 12:44 14 Oct 06

In view of the number of complaints about Mesh, if they haven't taken that up, they're unlikely to even know of PCNextDay

  garyworcester 17:18 15 Oct 06

watchdog is not bothered about small companies like pcnextday

  utdred 20:33 15 Oct 06

why not? they could doa show based on a selection of dodgy companies. ive read of quite a few in this forum

  DonaldGpc 13:14 18 Oct 06

I think watchdog only investigat companies that get hundreds of complaints like Mesh, they won't be interested about doing PCNextDay that only get a few people complaining on a messageboard.

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