AMD2000 v P4 2.4

  *mark 12:43 03 Jan 03
  *mark 12:43 03 Jan 03

Im in the middle of ordering a new pc. I would like forum members opinions as to whether (to increase the lifespan of the pc) I should pay an extra £38 exc. and upgrade an AMD2000 to a P4 2.4 (Northbridge?) processor.

The pc is used mainly for surfing (broadband), emails, and Word etc...

Im about to order so quick feedback appreciated...


  *mark 12:50 03 Jan 03

Allso, will I see much of a speed increase ? I read somewhere that P4's are designed for quicker downloading of internet content than AMD's ? I surf alot so this is a major consideration...


  Paul2002 12:56 03 Jan 03

In no way does the processoir influence the speed of the internet!

AMD2000? do you mean an AMD XP2000 or an AMD XP2400 (which is 2000MHz).

I think the P4 2.4 CPU has a slight edge over the AMD.

  Paul2002 12:58 03 Jan 03

Ooooops......processor :-)

  *mark 13:03 03 Jan 03

It's an AMD XP2000... btw Paul2002 - my gut feeling is to pay a bit more and opt for a pentium...

  *mark 13:03 03 Jan 03

It's an AMD XP2000... btw Paul2002 - my gut feeling is to pay a bit more and opt for a pentium...

  Pilch.... 13:04 03 Jan 03

buy the P4. just check the spec's properly.

  DieSse 13:05 03 Jan 03

For what you are doing, I doubt if you would ever be able to tell the difference.

However, for £38, I would pay the difference, all other things being equal (for reasons that you can look at if you search the threads for this topic.

BUT - I doubt if all other things are equal, and some of the other things you should look for are

Are all the extra units (drives/graphics etc) the same?

Does the motherboard you will get have the same facilities (USB2 - Number of USB ports etc etc)?

Is the overall system going to be noiseier or run hotter?

Is the RAM to the same speed and amount?

  vinnyT 15:07 03 Jan 03

*mark for what you are going to be uing the comp for I there will not be much difference, but, if your gut feeling tells you to go for it, then do so, and enjoy your new toy.

AMD against pentium is not a lot of difference but DDR does make a lot of impact old advice buy the best you can afford but please check out the motherboard whether it is the latest PCA has reviewed & compared AMD & Pentium read what they say

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