Amd 64 3700+ - Overclocking Stablility!!!

  skaria 21:58 05 Dec 05

Hello Everyone,

I have an AMD 64bit 3700+ San Diego. It has been overclocked from 2.2Ghz - 2.7Ghz. The HT Multiplier is at 4x and the multipier the same. I have just increased the fsb. The voltage is at stock. The idle temp is 33*c.

The problem I have is to do woith stability. When using prime 95 and doing a SMALL FFT TORTURE TEST and "memtest" together, they both work without any problems for over 10 hours - and more.

THE PROBLEM>>>Yet when I run just prime95 on small fft's without "memtest" an error comes up after 10 - 30 minutes. It says a fatal error, and Rounding Test 0.5, expected less than 0.4.

Is theer a reason why this only happens when i am not running memtest?

Does this mean the overclock is not stable - i have no problems using the PC at the moment?

Is tehre a way of solving this or is it first time builders and overclockers paranoia.

Thanks in Advance

  PaulB2005 22:05 05 Dec 05

Overclocking is not a exact science. You are exceeding the manufacturers advised speed.

If you are experiencing instability that should be your first sign to back off a bit.

  skaria 22:16 05 Dec 05

Thanks fdor the comment.

I am personally not experienceing instability, but the prime95 test only shows a source of error when conducted with memtest. Is tehre a reason for this.


  PaulB2005 22:29 05 Dec 05

You've pretty much answered your own question in your initial post.

The only reason i can think is you are stressing the processor beyond it's capabilities.

Not sure what else anyone one can say other than that....

  SG Atlantis® 07:45 06 Dec 05

If you damage the processor do you think it would be worth it to over-clock?

  PaulB2005 08:03 06 Dec 05

As far as i know the general consensus is not to exceed 10% unless you are liquid cooling. This represents an overclock of 22%....

  nar 09:51 06 Dec 05

for over clocking advice i would say take your question to click here as they have more people geared to this question.

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