Amazon pull it off again

  interzone55 09 Aug 11

On Sunday I bought a refurbished 3G Kindle from Amazon after seeing an offer on another thread (

I opted for the free delivery as it wasn't urgent, but the Kindle arrived in the post this morning.

If you're after a Kindle I recommend you look at the link in Bingalau's thread, because my refurbished Kindle is immaculate, it doesn't look like it's ever been used, and is still covered by Amazon's bullet proof 1-year warranty.

The only thing missing from the new version that's £36 extra is the main's charger, you only get a USB lead with this one, but it uses the standard micro-usb lead, so I'm just using my mobile charger at the moment...

  Aitchbee 09 Aug 11

How much did it cost and how do you get your e-books on to it?

  interzone55 09 Aug 11


The refurbed 3G Kindle cost £115.99, brand new ones are £152.

You can buy the WiFi only models for £111 new or £79.99 refurbed.

When you set the Kindle up you tie it to your Amazon account, then turn on the 1-click purchase system within your Amazon account. Once you purchase an E-Book it is sent to your Kindle automatically so that the next time you turn on the 3G version or activate the WiFi on a standard version, the book is downloaded onto the device.

I just did a test purchase of a short story and it was on the device within 60 seconds.

  spuds 09 Aug 11

Amazon are expanding their UK distribution areas, so getting items from them might even be quicker, especially over the festive or 'bad weather' periods?.

I have weekly transactions via Amazon and Market Place sellers. All seem to have speed in reaching their destination, and perhaps more so if Amazon forefilled and serviced.

  daz60 09 Aug 11

Other thread i said i was considering,reading this i have just ordered. Hope my experience is equal.

  Aitchbee 09 Aug 11

Thanks alan14.

  iscanut2 09 Aug 11

Welcome to the Kindle fan club !

  daz60 13 Aug 11

Received mine on the eleventh,pleasantly surprised.Some reason i thought there was a back light to read by.Am i mistaken.?

  iscanut2 13 Aug 11

daz60..If you want a back light you need to purchase the appropriate cover for it..I don't think they come cheap !

  interzone55 13 Aug 11


There's no backlight because the idea with the kindle is that it only uses power when turning pages or opening books, so it lasts ages between charges.

If you want a light you need to buy a case with a LED book light.

The official Kindle case with light will set you back £51, but it's good quality leather and the light draws power from the kindle, so no separate batteries required.

There's lots of cheaper cases with lights, but they're not as elegant.

  daz60 15 Aug 11


Thanks for the info..probably expected too much but still pleased so far.

Back to the Holy Trinity (PCA,Google,Web) for more purchase's,i must be improving the economy and paying the debt by now.

Wonder how many Kindle's to buy to do that.


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