Amazon, Merry Christmas.....

  aca 23:13 13 Feb 06

Purchased 2 gift vouchers (£30) 12 Dec last year via Amazon. went for the postal variety. seemed to go through ok. The vouchers were for my niece/nephew.

Had call tonight from my brother, happened to mention the vouchers hadn't arrived.

In my account sais that purchased but....not sent.

E-mailed them got quick response. Got an apology and problem blamed on "system error".

Anyone else had problems with this?

  Forum Editor 23:51 13 Feb 06

but I'm sure it happens.

The day you ordered your vouchers (12th December 2005) was Amazon's busiest in the whole of the pre-Christmas trading period. On that day Amazon UK processed orders for a staggering 3.6 million itmes - an average of 41 orders every second. That day the company shipped 256 tons of goods, and a Royal Mail truck left one of its distribution centres every 15 minutes.

The company was delivering up to 480,000 gifts a day in the run-up to the holiday weekend.

None of that helps you with your un-fulfilled order, but it might go some way to illustrating the complexity of the operation, and explain why the occasional glitch occurred.

  SG Atlantis® 23:55 13 Feb 06

Amazing statistics, don't you think?

  Forum Editor 00:26 14 Feb 06

Amazon is widely regarded as the most successful online retailer in the world; it's certainly the biggest seller of books on the planet, and apart from the parent company in america Amazon has major operations in Germany, France, Japan,Canada and of course here, in the UK.

Not bad for a company that started trading online just over ten years ago.

Talking of statistics.........

The biggest-selling items on Amazon in 2005 - in terms of units sold:-

book - Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling

music - X&Y by Coldplay

Computer game - Madden NFL 2006

  rmcqua 11:25 14 Feb 06

...but not XBox 360s ! I won't repeat my sorry tales again - already aired them in this forum.

  aca 17:30 14 Feb 06


Hear what you're saying and in the past had good service. However let me just check the date now....
accepting that the 12th was their busiest time, accepting that they are the biggest and most succesful online retailer it is pretty poor that here we are in February, they didnt pick up the fact that the goods were not despatched, and it does sound as they were aware of the problem some while ago.

Talking of "occasional" glitches

The other thing I didnt say was that just after Christmas I ordered a 3 man tent. When the delivery arrived I actually received a Table Soccer set. Ok on a dry night with a good sleeping bag but not ideal

I accept that this was from a reseller and it was replaced very swiftly.

  Forum Editor 18:01 14 Feb 06

It doesn't help to know all these figures if your order is one of the glitches, but frankly there are bound to be occasions when it happens, and I suppose a day when over three and a half million items were ordered is going to be a tad pressured. If the system's going to spring the odd leak it's going to be on that day.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 18:44 14 Feb 06

by the appalling music taste (a lot of)Amazon customers have !

  Forum Editor 18:57 14 Feb 06

That, if you'll forgive me, is a rather snobbish remark. Perhaps a lot of the Amazon customers might feel the same way about your taste in music.

  aca 19:16 14 Feb 06

Great, I thought I might share/get some feedback on Amazon and the thread turns into a critique of Coldplay

  Arthur Scrimshaw 21:16 14 Feb 06

I'm sure they would!

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