Amazon Market Place - strange occurance - what is your opinion

  SparkyJack 09 Aug 12

A strange sequence of events recently with Amazon and one of their market place traders

What is you opinion of what happened?

Back in May I purchased a tablet PC via Amazon Market place trader.

Back end of July it seemed to be misbehaving so I contacted the vendor through the Amazon system and they suggested a firmware download-.

Having carried this out up to a point I found going futher with the procedure was being prevented, because t the tablet would not 'unlock'

Contacted the trader - they said send it back for upgrade/repair or replace. This I did by registered post.

Several 'what news' went unanswered until 30th jJuly when the trader did come apologising sayng the Amazon mail system had been down' ,but yes they has received the item and had mailed the replacement and to allow 3/5 days. Day 5 was last saturday 4rh

Nothing arrived so I resolved to make further contact on Monday 6th.

However before I could do that both Amazon and the trader came back to say they had authorised a refund., and the trader went on to say if the item does turn up please send it back.

Where if fact it has not turned up.

I Emailed the trader asking why the refund it the item is in transit'

The traders reply today and this is a copy/paste of their text

' Sorry, we have already issued your full refund due to the parcel failed the delivery timescale and we investigate the issue so far, thanks#

What is it all about? '

  morddwyd 10 Aug 12

Amazon will normally refund if they fail the time-scale, and in my experience so do many, but by no means all, of their Marketplace partners, I suspect at Amazon's insistence.

  Terry Brown 10 Aug 12

How did you pay for the computer, If it was by credit card, then contact the credit card company to inform them about what is happening and they may be able to put pressure on Amazon/ Market Trader to settle.


  SparkyJack 11 Aug 12

Terry Brown

Read the piece - The money side is not an issue.

If you have ever dealt with Amazon you would know that it is is tied right up in the customers favour - always.

  wee eddie 11 Aug 12

Sparky Jack: I feel sure that I have misread your response today, but were I Terry Brown I would not be offering you any more assistance and considering the apparently petulant nature of your response. Neither shall I.

  spuds 11 Aug 12

Whatever the case, a refund was given, so there is no need to offer any further explanations. Except the refund in good faith, and purchase elsewhere.

Amazon gives a timescale for delivery of items purchased through their website (similar to Ebay). if these timescales are not met, then other possible actions might be taken. The same applies to couriers and Royal Mail regarding 'goods lost in transit', before a claim is investigated and action taken..

  morddwyd 11 Aug 12

"so there is no need to offer any further explanations. "

He's not seeking further explanations.

Theguy just asked for people's opinions, not advice or explanations.

Take your custom elsewhere because of one missed/late delivery?

A bit harsh.

  xania 13 Aug 12

I suspect the Laptop got lost somewhere and rather than muck you about, as some other vendors are reported in these pages as doing, they have issued a full refund giving you the opportunity to start again.

Amazon are to be applauded for their management of these matters.


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