Am I making the right decision? (USB-PCI card)

  Summer76 23:07 16 Mar 03

Hi there,

After getting some advice from the Helproom forum I've decided to purchase click here OR click here. Which would you recommend?

I don't have a USB port and I'm running Win 98SE have 32RAM and my CPU is Cyrix MediaGXtm MMXtm Enhanced. I'll be using the ports for Broadband and my scanner.

  Lú-tzé 23:27 16 Mar 03

Go for the second as it is useful to have a usb port with easy access.

And get some more RAM if you can - you will see a noticable difference with 128 which should cost about another £15. If you are scanning, you will need more to have any satisfaction.

  Djohn 01:47 17 Mar 03

Agree with Lú-tzé, the extra couple of pounds is well spent to give you easy access to the front ports. You can use the rear for permanent connections, and the front ones for quick swapping around. J.

  Summer76 06:20 17 Mar 03

I was more swayed toward the second one too which i've just purchased,(also got 128 Ram while I was there).
Mind you I was shocked by the delivery cost Scan was asking for, so I found the same product at Ebuyer cheaper too!

Thanks for your help. I'm one step closer to broadband now yeay!!

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