Alternative needed for Windows Media Player

  erkmatrix 09:46 01 Mar 07

Hi can anyone recommend a good media player free or one within £30 that will play music and movies on my PC and have the option to search the internet to name tracks. Now when I put in a CD to put on my computer Windows Media player doesn't find album details, tried downloading WM11 as I have 10 still and found that even more confusing as to getting album details so would love an alternative.

Anyone use something else.


  Stuartli 10:53 01 Mar 07

In WMP11, click the arrow at the bottom of the Library button - you'll find the means to add playlists etc.

It's worth reading the subject up in the Help file which, like all MS help files, is both comprehensive and well written.

I'm reluctant to recommend it but click here.

I'm more inclined to think that your problem lies with a connectivity issue. Are you sure you haven't blocked WMP from accessing the internet with your firewall? Try temporarily disabling it.

  Patr100 13:28 01 Mar 07

Yes, sounds like there is a firewall blocking acess. or check settings for WMP.

  tenplus1 13:37 01 Mar 07

VideoLan's VLC Player is a damn good music and movie player with internet streaming for radio stations and tv shows... It'll handle DVD's and Audio CD's without a problem and can be found at click here

  tenplus1 14:08 01 Mar 07


You could chcek out MediaMonkey as well as this is a full-blown media experience for beginners and experts alike... It does EVERYTHING you could imagine with your music...

link: click here

  n4165si 14:15 01 Mar 07

click here
look here under audio and take your pick

  Kate B 14:20 01 Mar 07

I like iTunes - just make sure you change its ripping default to mp3 from AAC.

  xquest 22:28 01 Mar 07

My WMP v.10 has been corrupt for well over a year and won't uninstall, so version 11 won't install. I use Winamp which rips and adds track names etc. plays videos, receives Shoutcast TV and Radio and so on, no problem, but I had to pay (£10 I think) to get maximum ripping speed.

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