An alternative to ebay?

  The Brigadier 16:51 15 Feb 09

So many bad stories about them on here & other forums.
Is their a viable alternative to ebay?

  jimv7 17:11 15 Feb 09

Try the police auctions click here

  jimv7 17:11 15 Feb 09

Try the police auctions click here

  jimv7 17:13 15 Feb 09

click here|countryGB&q=online+auctions&revid=1559859309&ei=AE2YSfCvMoaS_gbyyNCYCg&sa=X&oi=revisions_inline&resnum=0&ct=broad-revision&cd=3

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:09 15 Feb 09

Ebay is excellent, I have never had a problem as have most of the users and that load of old tat at Bumblebee would not sell at a car boot sale..tatty Krug-Baumann watch at £ are having a laugh. You cannot sell your stuff at Bumblebee. Ebay has millions of users and you will only hear the tales of woe (many of which are self-inflicted).


  acein1 19:40 15 Feb 09

i agree with "gandalf" ebay is excelant and also paypal,ive used both for years and never had a problem,it just takes a bit of "common sence" and good security prctice,and rember that not EVERYTHING on ebay is a bargain

  coroline175 19:51 15 Feb 09

for selling stuff no competion, maybe amazon but you get suspended for no reason with no appeal, for buying i find ebay quite expensive!

  Diodorus Siculus 22:58 15 Feb 09

click here For WantIt BuyIt HaveIt.

Still fairly new and very little on it but maybe in time...

However, I find that EBay is as good as it gets; I have used it to track down some very rare books and my dad uses it for spare parts for vintage trucks.

For the ordinary everyday stuff that you can get on any high-street or via Amazon etc, then I keep away from EBay as it's usually overpriced by the time P&P charges are added in.

  Forum Editor 23:27 15 Feb 09

That's because you only see the bad stories. You don't hear about the millions of perfectly successful transactions that take place every week.

Ebay is as good as it gets in online auctions.

  Stuartli 23:38 15 Feb 09

Before I ever bought anything on e-Bay, I used to visit regularly, but sadly it ceased to operate early last year. See:

click here

One particular purchase I recall was my first ITVDigital set top box for £16.99 including delivery, which replaced a Philips ONDigital STB that had cost just under £100.

Qxl was offering the boxes on behalf of ITV to promote its involvement with the digital terrestial broadcasting system; the fact that Champions League football was on regularly clinched the purchase.

  Terry Brown 07:39 16 Feb 09

Here is a choice of online auction houses, but as with all internet dealing-- The system is 'Buyer Beware'

click here=


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