all in one with negative scanner

  g4jnw 11:58 11 Dec 12

Was looking for a negative scanner and then thought the ideal solution would be an all in one with a negative scanner built in, i have the odd 2.4inch x 2.4 inch negative so going up to that size would be good, doesn't have to be a new model.

Any suggestions please ?

  morddwyd 20:03 11 Dec 12

Hp used to do one, the Photosmart C 8180 I think.

Probably discontinued now, but you may be able to trace its replacement in their range.

  spuds 11:55 12 Dec 12

A few or so years ago, negative slot scanner/printers were easily available, but I haven't noticed any about nowadays, for domestic use.

Perhaps a visit to PC World or a on-line search will uncover if they are still available and in stock?.

I have a present in front of me a Brother DCP-135C all-in-one printer with 'Photo Capture' button and facility, but don't ask me what that is about, because I haven't bothered to find out. I do know though, that this printer produces good photographic results using 'normal' methods.

  Woolwell 13:22 12 Dec 12

There are all-in-ones with film adaptors (Canon, HP and probably Epson too) but they mostly cater for 35 mm. Getting one for 2.5 in negatives could be the problem.

  bjh. 18:35 12 Dec 12

There are cheap film scanners on sale at Aldi and Lidl. One or other has them coming up in the next week or so. Not what you asked for, but worth considering.

I did look for slide scanners a while back (my wife having had a Nikon coolscan, a posh job supplied by a previous employer that we missed when it went). I couldn't find a decent compromise. I didn't find the cheap ones like Aldi/lidl ones did a good enough job (and were manual, and slow), none of the multifunctions did anything like it, and the Minolta and Nikon jobs were a bit expensive for me.

I'll be interested to see what anybody turfs up!


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