All i have is VHS-C tapes......

  jonnie-187464 23:37 27 Nov 04

and i would like to put the movies of my hols from years ago onto my laptop/external hard drive and computer.
I no longer have the old VHS-C camcorder anymore.
Just the small VHS-C tapes, where do i start and how much will it all cost?
Thanks to those who know in advance.

  jonnie-187464 00:38 28 Nov 04

i will buy a combi vcr/dvd recorder then eh?

  TomJerry 15:32 28 Nov 04

adaptor just like a vhs tape, you put the samll vhs-c type inside and then you can play it via a normal VCR, search around you may be able to find one, maybe try Jessops

  jonnie-187464 15:44 28 Nov 04

Thanks for that i will get hold of one from somewhere, thanks TomJerry

  terryr48 15:52 28 Nov 04

Maplin's sell them £14.99 click here

  Stuartli 17:44 28 Nov 04

As TomJerry states, there was an adapter to allow you to play such tapes in a normal VHS machine.

The smaller tape slots into the normal size VHS adapter.

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