aldi opinions

  picklsey 08:07 08 Jan 05

click here was looking at the hard/drive i notice it only has a 2mb buffer do others think this is a good deal or not.

  Mango Grummit 08:31 08 Jan 05

Link is not working for me.

  picklsey 09:19 08 Jan 05

  picklsey 09:19 08 Jan 05

sorry can,t get a link to it.

  Sapins 10:04 08 Jan 05

click here might work

  bazb 10:52 08 Jan 05

seems a good deal, might buy one myself, and make it into an external drive, could save everything I have done to a drive that big.

  picklsey 14:13 08 Jan 05

Sapins thanks the link works for me.

bazb was thinking the same but i,m sure i read somewhere on this form that if you were getting a hard/d. you should get one with a 8mb buffer.not sure why perhaps someone could explain.thanks for replys.

  bazb 15:39 08 Jan 05

Hi picklsey

click here, after reading this I don't think that the buffer size makes that much difference, even less so if it's only used as a back up drive.

  picklsey 15:49 08 Jan 05


thanks for the link.i,m tempted to go for it now all i have to do is to get she who thinks she must be obeyed to remember the combination number for her purse.thanks again.

  smokingbeagle 18:37 08 Jan 05

click here
My Aldi USB drive came with an unpleasant freebie.

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